Because buggy HTML code can easily wreck the forums I have descided against allowing it, any raw HTML code typed into a message will just be displayed as plain text (tags and all), however I have created a small set of my own tags that will alow you to do some basic formating of your message, create bold text, change text colour and so on. I have also added a few extra features.

You can combine the tags in any way you like, just remember to close all the tags you use (I.e don't type just [B] without the [/B] or else your entire message will be bold), or your message might look realy wierd. Also remeber that all format tags have to be typed un upper case, using [b] instead if [B] will merely type out "[b]" in your message.

Another nice feature is that the forum will recognise all types of URL's (provided they are typed correctly) such as http,https, ftp, gopher, telnet, news and mailto. Whenever you type in a fully quallified URL (such as or the forum will create a link for it automaticaly!

Well have fun.

Example Result & description
Will make the encapsuled text bold just like the <B></B> HTML tag (HTML coding won't work in the forum).
Will make the encapsuled text italic just like the <I></I> HTML tag.
Will underline the encapsuled text just like the <U></U> HTML tag.
Scratch this
Will strike out the encapsuled text just like the <S></S> HTML tag.

Will center the encapsuled text in your message, just like the <CENTER></CENTER> HTML tag.
Makes the encapsuled text superscript (write abowe the line).
Makes the encapsuled text subscript (write below the line).
Spoily message goes here...

Will 'sensor' away the text encapsuled in the [SPOILER][/SPOILER] tags, making it next to impossible to get accidentaly spoiled. To read the spoiler text simply mark it, and your browser should invert either the text or bacground color making the text apear (Opera users have to copy and paste the text into for example Notepad, in order to see it due to that browsers peculiar way of dealing with marked text).
Official ADOM site
The forum will recognize any full URL you type in, however if you want to create a link with a custom description you'll have to use this [URL]..[/URL][LINK]..[/LINK] combination. These taggs can be used in only this combination.
  • bla bla bla
  • alalal
  • etc etc

Used to create bullet lists, encapsule the list in the [LIST][/LIST] tags and put a [*] in front of every list item.

To embed a picture in your message, encapsule it's full URL in the [IMG][/IMG] tags.

Pleace keep in mind that this is a message board and not a picture gallery though, so if you want to show large and/or lots of pictures a link to an external page is preferable. You may use pictures in your signature, but keep them small, if things get to much out of hand I'll disable this option.
Will change the color of the encapsuled text, as always be sure to close color tags you have opened. You can use either HTML color codes (type in red, green and blue values in the color mixer to get a color code), or the color name for most of the basic colors (red, green, blue, whilte, black, grey etc.).
Note: The [color] tags are not case sensitive. Uppercase, lowercase or miexed makes no difference.
Same as the [color] tag except is changes the background color and not the text color..
#&##/#  #.#
#@&..+  #..
#&####   ...

Will change the font to a fixed width font and retain all spacing and other formating of the original text, just like the <PRE></PRE> HTML tag. Ideal for posting screenshots from roguelike games, and other structured text (code, ASCII art etc.).