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This profile page is boring. No, seriously. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever interesting contained within this profile page. It consists of a ridiculous lot of phrases, all of which serve only the purpose of acknowledging the fact that it is boring. Which is unnecessary, as anyone who actually read a shred of this profile page in the first place should already have realized its boringness. Are you still reading this? Gosh, don't you have something less boring to do? I mean, you could check out some porn. Or write a D&D campaign. Or phone one of your loved ones to tell her how much you love him or her. Seriously, do that. Do it now. What are you waiting for? Man, I'm disappointed in you. This profile page is BORING! Stop reading this already, you idiot. Second, ignore the next couple of sentences. First, this profile page is boring and you might as well stop reading it now. For you who have a disorder that makes you start reading all texts with the last sentence, I shall now announce two things.

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