Fill in the fields below. Question marks in the nickname and alt-nick (is used if the nickname you wanted already is taken) will be replaced by a random number when you connect.
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Note that not all networks have an ADOM community; I would recommend IRCNet or EFNet. Pick a server close to you, most won't even let you connect form a different nation, and the closer the faster it will be (usually). Once connected the server will relay your messages to the rest of the network it's a part of (that why it's called Internet Relay Chat) so don't worry about finding a "popular" server, it's the network that matters, the server is just your "entry point" (assuming the server is part of a network naturally).

There are more networks and servers than those listed here, to connect to a server of your choice simply type in it's address (or IP) manually into the "Connect to" field.
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