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Garakh        St:28  Le: 7  Wi:16  Dx:10  To:29  Ch: 3  Ap: 6  Ma: 4  Pe:10 C
DV/PV: 22/8    H: -17(66)     P: 0(0)        Exp: 3/2911        I9    Sp: 100

When Garahk entered the Drakalor Chain, he headed straight for the Infinite Dungeon
without interuption. He entered the cave, and all was silent and apparently deserted.
On the first level, he fell into a viper trap, but dispelled them quickly and without
problem. One of them left a scroll, which he didnt even bother to touch since he was
illiterate. At the end of the corridor, there was a room, and the stairs. He descended 
immediatly. The caverns almost seemed to be endless...

Descending to the next level, he emerged into an ordinary room with a clawbug near the
entrance. He lured it within range, and proceeded to pummel it with rocks. It only took
one to squish it. Pleased with himself, he moved out of the room into the corridor, and
onwards through the level.. suddenly, he was hit by an arrow! He had unwittingly
stumbled into an arrow trap, but fortunately, his armor had protected him. He continued
down the corridor, to find a wooden ring upon his path. He anxiously went to put it on.
Hmm, it fit! Too tight, though, so he tried taking it back off. It seemed to contract on
his finger, and refused to budge. Garahk frowned and moved on.. around the bend, he found
a goblin, who fell to a rock. Garakh was begining to feel cocky of his "archery skills". :)
He found the stairs in a room where the floors were covered in puddles of ancient dried
blood. He thought nothing of it, and unswayed, descended..

He found himself in an apparently sealed room with a ratling archer. After quickly, almost
effortlessly dispatching his cell-mate with his massive two handed club, he began checking
his surroundings for an exit. Upon finding it, he waited intently for a figure in the
shadows beyond to materialize into the light, and found himself face to face with a bugbear.
He laughed and pelted it with rocks. It dodged them and then Garahk's club turned him into
a heap of mishapen flesh. He moved on.. more rooms, more passages, more weak adversarys.
He grew bored and impatient. He found and descended the following staircase, hoping to meet 
greater challanges. 

On the next level he heard the distant gutteral roars of a raging river. He came to a
churning stream. He was not a good swimmer, and turned his back to it, hoping to find an
alternative to the obstacle he had encountered. Luckily, the next flight of stairs was not
far around the corner...

Now he was 5 levels below the surface. He was still XP level one and there were hardly enough
adversaries to make this quest seem worth it. A while after further exploring, he felt more
experienced from killing an orc. He also felt more knowledgable in food preservation, and
noticed improvement in athletisism and dodging. He went on, feeling better prepared for the
perils that were sure to befall him... suddenly, from around the corner crept a terrible
shadow, with arms outstretched and hungry for his soul. He wasted no time in throwing rocks,
but they seemed to fall right through the figure to the floor. He shut his eyes and swung in
fear at the grotesque figure, only to find it gone as he re-opened them. He patted his trusty
club, and lurched on down the hall. He found another useless scroll, then another, then.. hey!
He realized it was the same scroll, and that he was falling victim to a teleportation trap.
He located it and side-stepped past it. He found some spider webs (without a spider to be near),
and jumped into the next staircase. 

Then, on the next level he stumbled into a wolf ambush, with a werewolf in the midst. They got
in some lucky grazes, but nothing serious. They were easy pickings for Garahk. At this point,
he considered returning to the surface to search for greater prey, but decided he had come too
far to postpone the quest now. He wanted that artifact. The far door was locked, and when he
kicked it open, a rune trap exploded, ripping the cursed wooden ring apart, to his relief. But
the explosion also split his club in two, rendering it useless, so he flung it to the floor in
anger, and stomped through the scorched archway. He was badly injured by the explotion, but his
rage didnt allow him to notice. He resorted to using his rocks for a while until he found a club
lying near the next stairway, and scooped it up in bitter rejoice. It wasnt too bad, but it would
have to do regardless. Down he went...

On the following level, the stairs were closely joined. And the same with the next.

On the nineth level he came to a room with an attractive looking broadsword on the floor. But
when he turned he realized it was a trap. A menacing ogre magi had lured him in, and now intended
to make a meal of him. Garakh was still very exhausted from the rune-trap, but flung himself towards
the ogre-magi in a berserk fury. He hated magic. Upon close engagement, he notice she was female.
No matter. He hit the female ogre magus with full-force, severely wounding her. He saw her wounds
immediatly begin to regenerate, as she mumbled cryptic words. Suddenly, she was gone! Garahk looked
around in desperation in a vain attempt to locate his foe. He was hit! He instinctively swung his
weapon in the direction she was previously located, and critically wounded her. He smiled, but before
he could swing again, a bolt of freezing white ice streamed from before him, striking him with such
strength that he was stunned by the force of impact. He hadnt even recovered from the spell when the
invisible opponent hit him again with its fist. He was still dazed, and as he struggled to bring himself
back into conciousness, he went into a cowardly tactic in the hopes to avaid his adversary long enough
to regain control. But as soon as his mind began to clear, he heard a familiar low mumbing, and before
he had the chance to react, was hit by a cone of magical ice, and died regretfully...

The character was an entry in a Yahoo! Roguelike Games club Ironman competition.

                            Background Information

Name: Garakh              Race: male Troll          Class: Barbarian
Eye color: black          Hair color: brown         Complexion: tanned
Height: 8'11"             Weight: 555 pounds
Age: 17 (grown-up)
Star sign: Tree           Birthday: 28/Tree (day 358 of the year)

        Your mother was a wise shaman and healer. You didn't know your
 father and his origins seem to be very mysterious.
        As a child you were not accepted by the other children of your
 tribe. Your childhood was sad and lonely.
        During your youth you traveled to nearby tribes and traded with
 them. You met many strangers and learned a lot about the outside world.
        As a young adult your family was killed in a raid. You became
 embittered and filled with the desire for revenge.
        At the age of 17 you left your tribe.

Total weight: 975 stones                Carrying capacity: 4275 stones

Head          : uncursed leather cap [+0, +0]                          [5s]
Neck          : -
Body          : uncursed thick furs (-1, -1) [+0, +2]                [300s]
Girdle        : -
Cloak         : -
Right Hand    : uncursed club (+2, 1d6)                               [30s]
Left Hand     : -
Right Ring    : -
Left Ring     : -
Bracers       : -
Gauntlets     : -
Boots         : uncursed heavy boots [-1, +1]                         [30s]
Missile weapon: -
Missiles      : heap of 38 uncursed rocks (+0, 1d4)                  [190s]
Tool          : -


Total weight: 420 stones   Carrying capacity: 4275 stones

Missiles ('*')
   heap of 8 uncursed rocks (+0, 1d4+2)                               [40s]
   heap of 8 uncursed rocks (+2, 1d4)                                 [40s]
   heap of 5 uncursed rocks (+0, 1d4+3)                               [25s]
   heap of 10 uncursed rocks (+1, 1d4)                                [50s]
   uncursed arrow (+0, 1d6)                                            [2s]
   bundle of 6 cursed drakish scurgari (+2, 1d8+2)                    [60s]
Food ('%')
   heap of 2 uncursed iron rations                                   [200s]
Valuables ('$')
   345 gold pieces                                                     [3s]

                                Weapon Skills

Melee weapon           Lvl   Hit   Dam   DV   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Unarmed fighting         0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Daggers & knives         0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Clubs & hammers          0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            2
Maces & flails           0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Swords                   0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Axes                     0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Whips                    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Pole arms                0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15
Twohanded weapons        3    +3    +3   +1   basic                20
Staves                   0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            15

Missile weapon         Lvl   Hit   Dam   Ra   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Slings                   0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Bows                     0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Crossbows                0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown axes & hammers    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown daggers           0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown rocks & clubs     1    +2    +1   +0   basic                8
Thrown spears            0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Boomerangs & scurgari    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7

Shields                Lvl   DV               Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---              -------------  --------------
Shields                  0    +0              unskilled            15

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +2 bonus to hit, 1d6+2 damage

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
Ammunition: 38, base range: 2, +0 bonus to hit, 1d4+2 damage


  Athletics ................ 69    (good)         [+3d4]
  Bridge building .......... 16    (mediocre)     [+3d5] (mr)
  Climbing ................. 54    (good)         [+3d5]
  Dodge .................... 67    (good)         [+3d4]
  First aid ................ 40    (fair)         [+3d5]
  Food preservation ........ 52    (good)         [+3d3]
  Gemology ................. 12    (mediocre)     [+3d4]
  Haggling ................. 23    (mediocre)     [+3d3]
  Herbalism ................ 29    (mediocre)     [+4d5]
  Listening ................ 34    (fair)         [+4d5]
  Mining ................... 11    (mediocre)     [+3d5]
  Stealth .................. 36    (fair)         [+3d5]
  Survival ................. 44    (fair)         [+4d5]
  Swimming ................. 40    (fair)         [+3d5]
  Two weapon combat ........ 32    (fair)         [+4d4]
  Woodcraft ................ 17    (mediocre)     [+4d5]

              His achievements during his adventures:

Garakh, the trollish barbarian, was frozen to death by a female ogre magus.
He scored 1869 points and advanced to level 3.
He survived for 0 years, 1 day, 9 hours, 6 minutes and 29 seconds (1077
Garakh visited 2 places.
He ended his adventuring life on level 9 of some ancient caves.
50 monsters perished before him.
He was not particularly religious.
He did not ask for divine help.
He was chaotically aligned.

The following monsters were vanquished:
      1 black hurthling
      1 bugbear
      1 claw bug
      4 dire wolves
      1 fire beetle
      1 ghul
      1 giant lizard
      1 giant rat
      2 goblins
      1 goblin rockthrower
      1 goblin slavemaster
      1 kobold
      1 large bat
      1 large gnoll
      1 lizard man
      2 orcs
      4 pit vipers
      2 raiders
      1 rat
      3 ratling archers
      1 ratling thief
      1 shadow
      1 werewolf
     16 wolves