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I have been playing ADOM for over a year and a half without successfully
completing it. I have finally successed with Grax, a Dwarven fighter. Grax
went the lawful route, figuring that was the easiest way to win the game.
Having a lawful dwarf was really useful in the Dwarven village cause the
village had an altar of my alignment already there. No need to look for one.
Grax completed all the standard lawful quests and retrieved all the orbs.
The only creatures in the game that really gave Grax a really hard time were
the Emperor Liches. Can you say OUCH! Emperor Liches slowly drain away
attributes like its water. Had to get out of there in a hurry. The Balors,
which I thought would be the toughest creatures to defeat, were quite easy
for Grax. Rolf's Companion and the Executioner battle axes made quick work
of them. After closing the Chaos gate, Grax wandered around adventuring the
countryside. He looked for ways to remove some of his corruptions. He got
tired of that and left. Long live the Dwarven Empire!!   

Grax          St:46  Le: 5  Wi:18  Dx:13  To:33  Ch:24  Ap: 1  Ma: 9  Pe:15 L
DV/PV: 32/53   H: 998(998)    P: 91(91)      Exp: 50/103487974  DrCh  Sp:143
-----blinding quick, numbing dumb (Le:5)
Blessed Satiated

                            Background Information

Name: Grax                Race: male Dwarf          Class: Fighter
Eye color: green          Hair color: brown         Complexion: tanned
Height: 3'11"             Weight: 4 pounds          Scars: 2
Age: 114 (grown-up, 53 years of unnatural aging added in)
Star sign: Dragon         Birthday: 10/Dragon (day 160 of the year)
----------Being born under the Dragon was awesome.

        Your parents belong to the lower class. They were honest
 hard-working people, who did everything to enable you to live a
 comfortable and fine life. They were not very succesful.
        As a child your parents cared a lot for you. Despite all
 circumstances you enjoyed a happy and fine childhood.
        During your youth you had a lot of fun playing with other kids of
 your age. You always were a natural leader and the center of interest.
        Your young adulthood was characterized by hard and long work. You
 had decided to study under a renowned master. To your great disappointment
 you had to find out, that he was a hard, unjust and tyrannic man,
 embittered by his old age. Your apprentice years were quite terrible.
        You decided to become a Fighter.

Total weight: 7189 stones                Carrying capacity: 14700 stones

He: uncursed crown of leadership [+2, +7] {Ch+18}                      [65s]
Ne: uncursed ankh                                                       [3s]
Bo: blessed eternium plate mail (+0, -1) [-1, +17]                    [240s]
Gi: uncursed girdle of carrying [+0, +0]                               [15s]
-------------I couldn't find a decent girdle of Strength.
Cl: uncursed cloak of defense [+4, +0]                                 [20s]
RH: uncursed whip of the snake (-2, 5d2+7) {Dx+7} (+7 spd)             [15s]
-------------I was using Rolf's Companion for the longest time
LH: uncursed jet-black battle axe (named) (+2, 5d6+6) [-4, +1] {St+3} (+3spd)
------------- with the Executioner. A dwarf with two battle axes,
RR: uncursed ring of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile damage)       [1s]
------------- deadly!
LR: blessed ring of slaying (+7 melee damage, +6 missile damage)        [1s]
Br: uncursed bracers of regeneration [+0, +0]                          [18s]
Ga: blessed thick gauntlets (-1, -2) [+1, +1]                          [15s]
Bo: uncursed eternium boots (+1, +1) [+1, +5]                          [55s]
MW: -
Mi: uncursed rusty javelin of death (+9, 6d6)                          [40s]
Tl: uncursed pick axe (+0, 1d6+2)                                      [75s]


Total weight: 6536 stones   Carrying capacity: 14700 stones

Armor ('[')
   blessed eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [-1, +17]                     [240s]
Shields ('[')
   cursed medium adamantium shield [+9, +2]                            [72s]
   uncursed medium eternium shield [+14, +2]                           [46s]
Gauntlets ('[')
   uncursed thick gauntlets (-1, -2) [+1, +1]                          [15s]
   blessed thick gauntlets (-1, -2) [+0, +1]                           [15s]
   blessed thick gauntlets (-2, -1) [+0, +1]                           [15s]
Cloaks ('[')
   uncursed cloak of invisibility (-1, +0) [+1, +3]                    [30s]
Boots ('[')
   uncursed eternium boots [+0, +5]                                    [55s]
Necklaces (''')
   uncursed amulet of perseverance {Wi+3}                               [3s]
Bracers (',')
   uncursed rusty bracers of regeneration [+0, +0]                     [18s]
One-handed weapons ('(')
   uncursed dwarven rune axe "Rolf's Companion" (+3, 3d6+6) [+4, +4] {To+3}
   blessed sword of Nonnak (+2, 4d3+2) [+2, +2] {Wi+5}                 [80s]
   uncursed whip (-1, 1d3)                                             [15s]
   uncursed pick axe (+0, 1d6+2)                                       [75s]
Two-handed weapons ('(')
   cursed staff of the magi (+2, 1d10+2) [+3, +3] {Ma+0}               [40s]
Missile weapons ('}')
   uncursed heavy crossbow of accuracy (+9, +4)                       [140s]
Missiles ('/')
   bundle of 53 uncursed arrows (+0, 1d6)                             [106s]
   bundle of 10 uncursed arrows of giant slaying (+3, 1d10+3)          [20s]
   blessed adamantium arrow (+1, 1d6+6)                                 [1s]
   bundle of 35 blessed arrows (+0, 1d6)                               [70s]
   bundle of 12 uncursed arrows (+1, 1d6)                              [24s]
   bundle of 11 blessed arrows of undead slaying (+3, 2d4+3)           [22s]
   bundle of 8 uncursed quarrels of undead slaying (+6, 2d6+3)         [32s]
   bundle of 10 cursed quarrels of jelly slaying (+5, 2d6+3)           [40s]
   bundle of 10 uncursed quarrels (+3, 2d6)                            [20s]
   bundle of 12 uncursed quarrels (+1, 2d6+3)                          [24s]
Tools (']')
   heap of 3 uncursed hexagonal keys                                    [3s]
   heap of 5 uncursed triangular keys                                   [5s]
   heap of 3 uncursed small keys                                        [3s]
   blessed small key                                                    [1s]
   heap of 2 uncursed blankets                                         [20s]
   heap of 2 uncursed fireproof blankets                               [20s]
   blessed triangular key                                               [1s]
   uncursed round key                                                   [1s]
   uncursed mithril ingot                                              [14s]
Rings ('=')
   uncursed ring of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile damage)        [1s]
   uncursed ring of the High Kings [+2, +3]                             [1s]
   blessed ring of invisibility                                         [1s]
   uncursed ring of mental stability [+3, +1] {Le+0}                    [1s]
   uncursed ring of the clear mind                                      [1s]
   cursed ring of speed [+0, +1] (+5 spd)                               [1s]
Wands ('\')
   uncursed wand of teleportation                                       [4s]
   uncursed wand of fire                                                [4s]
   uncursed wand of fire                                                [4s]
   uncursed wand of lightning                                           [4s]
   uncursed wand of acid                                                [4s]
   uncursed rusty wand of cold                                          [4s]
   blessed wand of door creation                                        [3s]
   cursed wand of trap creation                                         [3s]
   uncursed wand of door creation                                       [3s]
   uncursed wand of item detection                                      [3s]
   blessed wand of fire                                                 [4s]
   uncursed wand of item detection                                      [3s]
   uncursed wand of light                                               [4s]
   uncursed wand of magic missiles                                      [3s]
   cursed wand of ball lightning                                        [4s]
Potions ('!')
   heap of 7 uncursed potions of cure poison                           [14s]
   blessed potion of extra healing                                      [2s]
   heap of 2 uncursed berzio potions                                    [4s]
   heap of 6 uncursed potions of invisibility                          [24s]
   heap of 3 blessed potions of ultra healing                           [6s]
   blessed potion of cure poison                                        [2s]
   heap of 5 uncursed potions of booze                                 [20s]
   heap of 2 uncursed potions of balance                                [8s]
   heap of 5 uncursed potions of healing                               [20s]
   heap of 24 potions of holy water                                    [96s]
   heap of 4 uncursed potions of carrot juice                          [16s]
   blessed potion of healing                                            [4s]
   heap of 2 uncursed potions of extra healing                          [4s]
   blessed potion of poison                                             [4s]
   heap of 2 uncursed potions of raw mana                               [4s]
   blessed potion of boost learning                                     [2s]
   heap of 2 uncursed potions of blindness                              [4s]
   cursed potion of ultra healing                                       [2s]
   heap of 4 uncursed potions of poison                                [16s]
   uncursed potion of uselessness                                       [2s]
   uncursed oil of rust removal                                         [2s]
   uncursed potion of confusion                                         [2s]
   cursed potion of cure poison                                         [2s]
   blessed potion of exchange                                           [4s]
   uncursed potion of insight                                           [2s]
   blessed potion of booze                                              [4s]
   uncursed potion of troll blood                                       [2s]
   uncursed potion of water                                             [4s]
Scrolls ('?')
   heap of 2 uncursed scrolls of gold detection                         [4s]
   heap of 2 uncursed scrolls of great identify                         [4s]
   uncursed scroll of uncursing                                         [2s]
   heap of 3 uncursed scrolls of identify                               [6s]
   uncursed scroll of satiation                                         [2s]
   uncursed scroll of ill fate                                          [2s]
   heap of 2 uncursed scrolls of dark predictions                       [4s]
Food ('%')
   heap of 220 uncursed cooked lizards                                [660s]
   heap of 2 uncursed plant seeds                                       [4s]
   heap of 4 uncursed gnomish candy bits                                [8s]
   heap of 9 uncursed fortune cookies                                  [27s]
   heap of 2 uncursed pieces of fresh meat                             [40s]
   heap of 2 blessed fortune cookies                                    [6s]
   uncursed bit of candy                                                [2s]
   heap of 7 uncursed hurthling cakes                                 [210s]
   heap of 4 uncursed loaves of hurthling bread                       [120s]
   blessed large ration                                               [200s]
   blessed hurthling cake                                              [30s]
   blessed iron ration                                                [100s]
   heap of 6 uncursed iron rations                                    [600s]
   heap of 2 uncursed bones                                             [8s]
   blessed loaf of bread                                               [40s]
Valuables ('$')
   278591 gold pieces                                                [2785s]

                                Weapon Skills

Melee weapon           Lvl   Hit   Dam   DV   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Unarmed fighting         2    +2    +0   +0   basic                15
Daggers & knives         5    +4    +2   +1   skilled              33
Clubs & hammers          1    +1    +0   +0   basic                23
Maces & flails           1    +1    +0   +0   basic                23
Swords                  11   +10    +7   +4   Mastery            1359
Axes                    14   +16   +14   +4   Mastery            5113
Whips                    4    +4    +2   +4   skilled              79
Pole arms                1    +1    +0   +0   basic                23
Twohanded weapons        1    +1    +1   +0   basic                23
Staves                   1    +1    +0   +1   basic                23

Missile weapon         Lvl   Hit   Dam   Ra   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Slings                   0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled             7
Bows                     6   +12    +9   +2   skilled              73
Crossbows                5   +10    +7   +1   skilled              63
Thrown axes & hammers    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled             7
Thrown daggers           0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled             7
Thrown rocks & clubs     0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled             7
Thrown spears            3    +6    +4   +1   basic                18
Boomerangs & scurgari    1    +2    +1   +0   basic                10

Shields                Lvl   DV               Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---              -------------  --------------
Shields                  7   +14              skilled              113

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +132 bonus to hit, 5d2+58 damage
Left hand: +150 bonus to hit, 5d6+73 damage

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
Ammunition: 1, base range: 3, +124 bonus to hit, [(6d6)/2]+26 damage


  Archery ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Athletics ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Backstabbing .............100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Bridge building .......... 46    (fair)         [+3d3] (mr)
  Climbing .................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Courage ..................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Detect traps .............100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Dodge ....................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Find weakness ............100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  First aid ................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Haggling ..................78    (great)        [+1d5]
  Healing ..................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Law ......................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Listening ................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Literacy .................100    (superb)       [+1]
  Metallurgy ............... 59    (good)         [+1d5]
  Mining ...................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Pick pockets ............. 21    (mediocre)     [+2d4]
  Smithing ................. 75    (great)        [+3d3]
  Stealth ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Swimming ................. 74    (great)        [+2d4]
  Tactics ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Two weapon combat ........100    (superb)       [+1d5]


   Calm Monster     :   288,   8pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Cure Light Wounds:   147,   5pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Darkness         :   272,   4pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Fire Bolt        :    84,  10pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Heal             :     8,  76pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Improved Fireball:     8,  52pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Invisibility     :    43,  15pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Knock            :   325,  12pp     (Effectivity: +1)
   Lightning Bolt   :   121,  12pp     (Effectivity: +1)

                            Effects of Corruption

You look somewhat apish (St: +3, Le: -1, Wi: -1, Ch: -2, Ap: -3).
You have become extremely thin and nimble (1/2 weight, DV: +6).
Your feet have been transformed into hooves (+8 kicking damage, Dx: -6).
You exhale sulphur (Ch: -4).
You have become very light (1/10 weight, St: -6, Dx: +4, To: -6, Ap: -6, +20
Poison drips from your hands.
Your antennae explore the details of your environment (Ap: -4).
You have grown thorns (3d3 melee damage, Dx: -2, Ap: -3).
Your corrupted tissue seems to heal much faster.
Your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation.

                              His further life:

After he leaves the Drakalor Chain he is welcomed by his people with great
honors. They acknowledge his noble deeds, his valor, his cunning and his
great skills that helped to prevent the complete destruction of the world he
knows. His severe taint by the forces of Chaos prevents him from ever
leading a normal life. He always remembers the glorious deeds that took his
life away. His sacrifice is remembered in the stories of his people, but not
in their hearts. He ends his life in loneliness and isolation.

              His achievements during his adventures:

Grax, the dwarven fighter, saved the world with his brave efforts while
saving himself 127 times.
He scored 35818508 points and advanced to level 50.
He survived for 0 years, 307 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes and 10 seconds
(151597 turns).
1 companion was killed during his adventures.
------------------A blink dog that I gave some meat. So sorry little doggie.
Grax visited 117 places.
His strength score was modified by +20 during his career.
His willpower score was modified by -1 during his career.
His toughness score was modified by +17 during his career.
His charisma score was modified by -6 during his career.
His appearance score was modified by -10 during his career.
His mana score was modified by -1 during his career.
His perception score was modified by +3 during his career.
He was unnaturally aged by 53 years.
He was the champion of the arena.
He made a little water dragon very happy.
He brought back joy into the life of a tiny girl.
He defeated the arch enemy of a mighty karmic wyrm.
He left the Drakalor Chain after completing his quest and became a famous hero.
9983 monsters perished before him.
----------------------------didn't know or I would have gone to 9999
The following 31 artifacts were generated during his adventure:
  the si
  the dwarven rune axe "Rolf's Companion"
  the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
  the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
  the lead-filled mace "Big Punch"
  the scorched spear
  the mighty morning star "Grod"
  the rune-covered trident
  the sword of Nonnak
  the elemental gauntlets
  the ring of the High Kings
  the phial of Caladriel
------------------------I still have no idea what this is for or how to use it.
  the crown of science
  the ancient mummy wrapping
  the ankh
  the hammer of the gods
  the glaive "Long Sting"
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
  the black rune-covered dagger "Needle"
  the black rune-covered dagger "Sting"
  the rune-covered sling "Whirlwind"
  the jet-black battle axe "Executor"
  the robes of resistance
  the staff of the archmagi
  the sapphire amulet "Preserver"
  the crown of leadership
  the black tome of Alsophocus
He possessed the following intrinsics:
  He was fire resistant.
  He was poison resistant (gained through items).
  He was cold resistant.
  He was lucky (enhanced through an item).
  Fate smiled upon him (enhanced through an item).
  He was cursed (gained through an item).
  He was sleep resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was able to teleport.
  He was able to control teleportation.
  He was stun resistant (gained through an item).
  He was shock resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was able to see invisible things (enhanced through an item).
  He was immune to fire attacks.
  He was able to resist confusion attacks (gained through items).
He was a messiah of Morodwyn.
He asked for 13 divine interventions.
He was a holy champion of Order.
He was severely tainted by Chaos.