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Irrilynne     St:47  Le:30  Wi:50  Dx:34  To:42  Ch:24  Ap:12  Ma:33  Pe:21 L+
DV/PV: 69/39   H: 724(724)    P: 763(763)    Exp: 50/59856271   DrCh  Sp: 129

Nothing much unusual to report.  The early game was pretty ordinary --
blasting stuff with bolt spells, then whacking stuff with an
adamantium broadsword.  Gained controlled teleport from pools, along
with a bunch of other nice intrinsics.  Cleared the Water Temple
pretty easily, although I was running short on Fire Bolt and Burning
Hands, and the SoB's poison seemed a lot nastier than in the past.
Retrieved the RotHK with no trouble.  I went and cleared out the bug
temple to see what it was like.  The fact that they can't see
invisible or fight in the dark makes it way too unbalanced, I think.
The loot seems excessive for something that any decent spellcaster can
do.  I was very short on Frost Bolt for the ToEF, so I went invisible
on the top floor, killed the ACW first, then blasted other stuff for
experience until I ran out of Frost Bolt.

I got crowned with the staff of the Wanderer, greater identified it,
and sold it to Waldenbrook.  Ah well.  I dove without anything of
great note.  Found a lesser vault of golems and meleed them with my
phase daggers, although the eternium one roughed me up a bit.  The
Casino didn't have anything extraordinary, but a lot of useful
spellbooks, especially Death Ray and Strength of Atlas, and some
assorted nice things.  I robbed it.  I walked to the far side, dropped
all the stuff, waited a few turns, picked it all back up, and waited
for my teleport to kick in.  I was testing a theory.  Sure enough,
Waldenbrook wasn't blocking the exit, so I landed right in the
doorway.  I cast Darkness, double-equipped shields, and walked away.
Alarm, guards, teleport to far side, wait for everyone to charge,
teleport to stairs.  Did someone say "spoiled spellcaster?"  Next, on
D:35 or so, I got a greater vault of karmics.  Wahoo!  I was even more
grateful for the Death Ray upon seeing that.  I cleared out the vault
with missiles, Magic Missile, and Death Ray.  The inner room was full
of great wyrms, who would line up quite nicely every turn.  I had
Death Ray up to 6 spaces, and I was gaining a level a shot in that
inner room.  When the dust settled, I had a wand of wishing with 3
charges, the ring of immunity, Executor, the scorched spear, 2 SoCR,
and a ton of spellbooks, potions, and other goodies.  I took the
shortcut to the surface and camped out on the plains reading for about
a day.  I spent one wish on spellbooks of Acid Ball and saved the
rest.  Then I proceeded down.  The Air Temple went without incident.
I like the lightning, although it seems odd how it strikes only when
you move. ^_^ I'd like even better if Yulgash's summoning was tweaked
so he summoned lightning vortices or greater air elementals or
something.  The Earth Temple went fine too; I hit a ceiling trap, but
it didn't destroy that much stuff.  I decided to do the blue dragons
next.  I had my only late-game close call on the way, when I
underestimated a greater moloch to the tune of 450+ damage on a single
critical hit.  I'm sure glad for Fate Smiles.  No problems with the
dragons.  I actually meleed a lot of them with Executor.  The big
crowds went down to Death Ray and slaying ammo.  A great wyrm dropped
the Far Slayer in the last area. ^_^ I found another wand of wishing
(!), but 0 charges; I used the final charge for "willpower" and got 8
points!  With the Water Orb, the sword of Nonnak, and a nice +6 amulet
of willpower, I had Acid Ball stretching from wall to wall inside the
Mana Temple.  It was beautiful, but didn't last long. ^_^

I sealed the elemental anomalies and went down.  I got the staff of
the archmagi for my uselessness gift.  It's OK, but I stuck with
Executor and shields.  I used the brute-force tactic for D:50.  Blast
the WMoPC, drink boosting potions, wish once for "speed," turn on my
Sailor Moon battle theme MP3s (they seemed appropriate for a female
wizard), teleport into the middle of the big room, and blast away with
Acid Ball.  The balors smacked me around more than I expected; think
they might have been beefed up?  I had to heal a couple of times with
potions, but there was no real danger.  I closed the gate, mopped up
Chaos's army, and left.

Total weight: 22290 stones                Carrying capacity: 47675 stones

He: uncursed helm of mental stability [+3, +5] {Le+1}
Ne: uncursed amulet of perseverance {Wi+6}
Bo: uncursed ancient mummy wrapping [+1, +5] {Ap-8}
Gi: blessed girdle of carrying [+3, +3]
Cl: uncursed cloak of defense [+3, +0]
RH: uncursed jet-black battle axe (named) (+2, 5d6+6) [-4, +1] {St+3} (+3 spd)
LH: uncursed tower eternium shield (-1) [+13, +7]
RR: blessed ring of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile damage)
LR: blessed ring of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile damage)
Br: uncursed bracers of toughness [+0, +0] {To+6}
Ga: blessed gauntlets of strength (-1, +0) [+2, +4] {St+4}
Bo: blessed seven league boots (+1, +1) [+4, +1]
MW: uncursed heavy crossbow (named) (+18, +18)
Mi: bundle of 2 blessed quarrels of demon slaying (+3, 2d6+3)
Tl: heap of 26 blessed spenseweeds

// Collected all prefixed and suffixed equipment, so this is long.

Total weight: 21440 stones   Carrying capacity: 47675 stones

Helmets ('[')
   blessed helm of leadership [+1, +5] {Ch+9}
// Handy for potions of balance (I think?)
Armor ('[')
   uncursed leather armor of damnation [+0, +2]
   uncursed clothes of health [+0, +0]
   uncursed clothes of rage [+0, +0]
   uncursed clothes of the sea [+0, +0]
// Don't seem to stop all drowning damage.
   uncursed crystal scale mail of hunger (-1, -2) [+2, +8]
   uncursed red dragon scale mail (-1, -4) [+6, +13]
   uncursed extra-heavy clothes [-3, +0]
   uncursed vigilant robe (+1, +1) [+0, +3]
   uncursed vigilant adamantium plate mail of travelling (-2, -4) [+0, +11]
   uncursed padded elven chain mail of resilience (-1, +1) [+0, +3]
   uncursed robe of balance [+1, +1]
   uncursed ultra-heavy clothes of carrying [+0, +0]
   uncursed gorgeous clothes [+0, +0]
   uncursed clothes of sloth (+1, +1) [-2, +0]
   uncursed light mithril chain mail (-1, -3) [-2, +7]
   uncursed clothes of carrying [+0, +0]
   uncursed elven chain mail (+1, +1) [+0, +8]
   uncursed white adamantium ring mail (-1, -2) [+0, +7]
   uncursed clothes of rage (+1, +1) [+3, +0]
   uncursed vile robe [+0, +1]
   uncursed black dragon scale mail (-2, -4) [-2, +13]
   uncursed clothes of order [+0, +0]
   uncursed white robe [+0, +1]
   uncursed worm-ridden mithril ring mail [-1, +5]
// Not sure how that one happens, personally ^_^
   uncursed splint mail of travelling (-2, -4) [-5, +5]
   uncursed adamantium scale mail of protection (-1, -2) [+0, +12]
   blessed clothes of leadership [+0, -1]
   uncursed blue dragon scale mail (-1, -4) [-1, +7]
   blessed white ring mail (-1, -1) [-3, +3]
   uncursed clothes of damnation (+1, +1) [+0, +1]
   uncursed clothes of defense [+1, +1]
   uncursed chain mail of resilience (-1, -3) [-3, +5]
   uncursed worm-ridden leather armor [+0, +5]
   uncursed ring mail of chaos (-1, -1) [-1, +3]
   uncursed charged chain mail (-1, -3) [+0, +5]
   uncursed leather armor of resilience [+0, +2]
   uncursed scale mail of anger (-1, -2) [-5, +7]
   uncursed ultra-heavy clothes (+1, +1) [+0, +0]
   uncursed eternium plate mail of life (-1, -2) [+1, +13]
   uncursed antimagical eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [-1, +13]
   uncursed trapped eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [+0, +13]
   uncursed yellow clothes [+0, +0]
Shields ('[')
   blessed tower eternium shield (-1) [+13, +4]
Gauntlets ('[')
   heap of 5 uncursed pairs of thick gauntlets (-1, -2) [+0, +1]
   uncursed elemental gauntlets (-1, +0) [+0, +3]
   uncursed gloves of smiting [+3, +2] (-9 damage)
// Guh?
One-handed weapons ('(')
   uncursed unbalanced rabbit knife (+0, 1d3+4)
   uncursed sword of Nonnak (+2, 4d3+2) [+2, +2] {Wi+5}
   uncursed flaming warhammer (+0, 2d3)
   uncursed flaming dagger (+0, 1d4)
   uncursed yellow short sword (-1, 1d6)
   uncursed phase dagger (+0, 1d4)
   uncursed phase dagger (+0, 1d4+5)
   uncursed orcish knife of the eagle (+0, 1d3+2)
   uncursed white battle axe (+0, 1d6+2)
   uncursed battle axe of might (+0, 1d6+2)
   uncursed holy adamantium spear (+1, 1d8+6)
   uncursed white club (+2, 1d6)
   uncursed extra-heavy mithril dagger (+0, 1d4+3)
   uncursed flaming stone club (+0, 1d6)
   uncursed hefty battle axe (-4, 1d6+6)
   blessed mace of destruction (+6, 5d6+6)
// A lot of these this game
   uncursed barbaric knife of devastation (-4, 5d3+11)
   uncursed flaming long sword (-5, 1d8)
   uncursed battle axe of the sun (-1, 1d6+2)
   uncursed mace of destruction (+6, 5d6+6)
   uncursed scorched spear (+2, 3d8+1) [+2, +0]
   uncursed broadsword of vampirism (+0, 1d7+1)
   uncursed adamantium mace of devastation (+0, 5d6+12)
// "Devastation" is pretty impressive.  Compare to the maces of destruction.
   uncursed adamantium broadsword of penetration (+6, 1d7+7)
// Fun one.
   uncursed ultra-heavy dagger (+0, 1d4+2)
   uncursed adamantium battle axe of corruption (+2, 1d6+7)
   uncursed masterwork adamantium warhammer (+3, 2d3+6)
   uncursed knife of surrendering (+1, 1d3+1)
   uncursed light stone axe (+0, 1d7+3)
   uncursed sword of sharpness (+3, 4d8+9)
   uncursed poisonous mithril warhammer (+0, 2d3+1)
   heap of 2 uncursed maces of destruction (+4, 5d6+6)
   uncursed unbalanced mithril long sword (+0, 1d8+4)
   uncursed masterwork hand axe (+4, 1d6+1)
   uncursed white hand axe (+0, 1d6)
   uncursed fragile adamantium spear (+2, 1d8+8)
   uncursed weeping orcish knife (+3, 1d3+3)
   uncursed eternium spear of vampirism (+1, 2d8+8)
   blessed whip of slaughtering (-2, 1d30)
   uncursed knife of mayhem (+0, 3d3+6)
   uncursed dagger of hunting (+0, 1d4)
   uncursed red orcish knife (+2, 1d3)
   uncursed mild adamantium long sword of damnation (+2, 1d8+5)
   uncursed adamantium spear of fumbling (-2, 1d8+9)
   uncursed whip of the snake (-2, 5d2+6) {Dx+10} (+10 spd)
   uncursed light eternium scimitar (+0, 2d8+10)
   uncursed sickle of hunting (+0, 1d4+2)
   uncursed ultra-heavy short sword of damnation (+0, 1d6)
   uncursed hefty hand axe (+0, 1d6+5)
   uncursed extra-heavy short sword (+3, 1d6)
   uncursed cudgel of weakness (+1, 2d4+1) [-1, +0]
   uncursed scalpel of damnation (+2, 1d3+4)
   uncursed club of corruption (+1, 1d6)
   uncursed sword of sharpness (+0, 4d8+6)
   uncursed club of vampirism (+2, 1d6+3)
   uncursed short sword of devastation (+3, 5d6+7)
   uncursed short sword of penetration (+0, 1d6-2)
   uncursed mace of destruction (+5, 5d6+6)
   uncursed murderous eternium long sword (+2, 2d8+7)
   uncursed black rune-covered dagger "Needle" (+8, 3d4) [+4, +1]
   uncursed dagger of the sun (-2, 1d4-3)
   blessed orcish dagger of the void (+1, 1d4+3)
   uncursed red scourge (-5, 1d3+4)
   uncursed fickle stone club (+3, 1d6)
   uncursed club of thunder (-2, 1d6-2)
Two-handed weapons ('(')
   uncursed adamantium halberd of might (+9, 2d7+7) [-2, +0]
   uncursed two-handed sword of the eagle (+3, 3d5+3) [-1, +0]
   uncursed nasty mithril-shod quarterstaff (+2, 1d11+6)
   uncursed adamantium two-handed sword of corruption (+12, 3d5+12) [-1, +0]
   uncursed barbed trident of hunting (+2, 3d5+4)
   uncursed holy two-handed sword of devastation (+5, 7d5+12) [-1, +0]
   uncursed holy heavy club of devastation (+3, 5d10+8) [-1, +0]
   blessed eternium two-handed sword of defense (+18, 6d5+18) [-1, +0]
   blessed great axe of the eagle (+2, 2d7+4) [-2, +0]
   uncursed mithril halberd of devastation (+8, 6d7+10) [-2, +0]
   blessed murderous quarterstaff (+3, 1d10)
   blessed rune-covered trident (+6, 3d12+6) [+4, +4] {Dx+12}
   uncursed yellow adamantium two-handed sword (+12, 3d5+13) [-1, +0]
   uncursed adamantium halberd of surrendering (+9, 2d7+6) [-2, +0]
   uncursed halberd of weakness (+4, 2d7+1) [-2, +0]
   uncursed eternium halberd of hunting (+12, 4d7+8) [-2, +0]
   uncursed staff of the archmagi (+5, 5d2+2) [+9, +0] {Ma+10}
   uncursed halberd of devastation (+6, 6d7+7) [-2, +0]
   uncursed mithril two-handed sword of the eagle (+8, 3d5+6) [-1, +0]
Missiles ('/')
   uncursed arrow of darkness (-3, 1d6)
   uncursed arrow of targetting (+6, 1d6)
   bundle of 7 uncursed weighted mithril arrows (+0, 1d6+7)
   uncursed barbed arrow (+0, 1d6+6)
   bundle of 12 uncursed winged quarrels of slaying (+1, 2d6)
   bundle of 11 uncursed griffon-feathered arrows (+0, 1d6+2)
   bundle of 2 uncursed quarrels of hunting (+1, 2d6)
   bundle of 8 uncursed unerring arrows (+3, 1d6+1)
   bundle of 7 uncursed lead sling bullets of hunting (+3, 1d5)
   bundle of 8 uncursed balanced quarrels (+5, 2d6+1)
   uncursed weighted throwing knife (+4, 1d3+6)
   bundle of 3 uncursed mithril quarrels of thunder (+1, 2d6+4)
   bundle of 16 blessed broken unbalanced arrows (-8, 1d6)
// And a ton of slaying ammo, of course.
Tools (']')
   uncursed golden ball
Rings ('=')
   uncursed ring of elemental mastery
   uncursed ring of immunity
   heap of 10 uncursed rings of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile
// Playing with PoE.
Wands ('\')
   uncursed wand of fireballs (63 charges)
   uncursed wand of door creation (97 charges)
// Guess where those came from?  The teleport x25 went to an
especially evil acid blast in the karmic vault.  (Took out my 7LB
   uncursed wand of wishing (1 charge)
// One for Acid Ball.  One for a cute dog on the way out, which liked
the little girl, but she didn't notice it.
Potions ('!')
   heap of 2 uncursed potions of ultra healing
   heap of 6 blessed potions of ultra healing
   heap of 7 uncursed potions of extra healing
   blessed potion of cure corruption
// Had 2 cooked guardian corpses to cash in on my way out.
Scrolls ('?')
   heap of 3 blessed scrolls of chaos resistance
   heap of 20 uncursed scrolls of magic mapping
// *sigh*
   heap of 2 uncursed scrolls of chaos resistance
   heap of 2 uncursed IBM guild manuals
Books ('"')
   uncursed tract of order
// Read it twice on the way out.  Got a message that Chaos and Order
were mad at me, but Shalla was protecting me.  And a message about an
increase in inner strength, but no obvious change.

                                Weapon Skills

Melee weapon           Lvl   Hit   Dam   DV   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  ----
Daggers & knives         6    +5    +2   +1   skilled              289
// Phase daggers, mainly
Swords                   8    +6    +4   +2   excellent           1204
// Sword of Nonnak and training for the same
Axes                     7    +5    +4   +1   skilled              477
// Executor
Staves                   4    +4    +1   +5   skilled              199
// Dunno, actually.  Maybe playing with special staves.

Missile weapon         Lvl   Hit   Dam   Ra   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  ----
Bows                     4    +8    +6   +1   skilled              25
Crossbows                6   +12    +9   +2   skilled              45

Shields                Lvl   DV               Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---              -------------  ----
Shields                  9   +18              excellent            2087

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +75 bonus to hit, 5d6+41 damage
// Not bad!

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
Ammunition: 2, base range: 20, +111 bonus to hit, 2d6+53 damage


  Alchemy ..................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Alertness ................ 98    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Archery ..................100    (superb)       [+1]
  Backstabbing .............100    (superb)       [+1]
  Bridge building .......... 12    (mediocre)     [+3d5] (mr)
  Climbing ................. 95    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Concentration ............100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Cooking ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3] (ma)
  Courage .................. 18    (mediocre)     [+3d4]
// On the way out -- no idea what my first kill was
  Find weakness ............100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  First aid ................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Fletchery ................ 51    (good)         [+1] (ma)
// PoE
  Food preservation ........100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Gardening ................ 79    (great)        [+1d5]
  Haggling ................. 56    (good)         [+2d4]
  Healing ..................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Herbalism ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Law ......................100    (superb)       [+3d4]
  Listening ................100    (superb)       [+3d3]
  Literacy .................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Stealth ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Tactics .................. 60    (good)         [+1]
  Two weapon combat ........ 50    (fair)         [+1d5]
  Ventriloquism ............100    (superb)       [+1d5]


   Acid Ball           :   974,  18pp     (Effectivity: +18)
   Acid Bolt           :  1954,   8pp     (Effectivity: +7)
   Burning Hands       :   675,   4pp     (Effectivity: +20)
   Cure Critical Wounds:   362,   8pp     (Effectivity: +6)
   Darkness            : 11447,   3pp     (Effectivity: +1)
   Death Ray           :   809,  58pp     (Effectivity: +11)
// Gotta love it against dragons.
   Farsight            :  2168,   9pp     (Effectivity: +11)
   Fire Bolt           :  4924,   5pp     (Effectivity: +32)
   Fireball            :  2892,  11pp     (Effectivity: +9)
   Frost Bolt          :  4107,   6pp     (Effectivity: +26)
   Invisibility        :  2403,   5pp     (Effectivity: +12)
   Lightning Bolt      :  3426,   6pp     (Effectivity: +19)
   Magic Lock          :  1553,   4pp     (Effectivity: +8)
// Makes Thrundarr's room secure again (seemingly, at least).
   Magic Missile       :  4661,   4pp     (Effectivity: +25)
   Strength of Atlas   :  1002,   5pp     (Effectivity: +13)
   Teleportation       :   642,  14pp     (Effectivity: +3)
// Actually got very late; relied on wands most of the way.

                              Her further life:

After she leaves the Drakalor Chain she is welcomed by her people with great
honors. They acknowledge her noble deeds, her valor, her cunning and her
great skills that helped to prevent the complete destruction of the world
she knows. She is crowned to be the queen of all hurthlings and lives a long
and prosperous life full of love, happiness and pleasure.

              Her achievements during her adventures:

Irrilynne, the hurthling wizard, saved the world with her brave efforts and
became a great ruler while saving herself 34 times.
She scored 23690092 points and advanced to level 50.
She survived for 0 years, 54 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes and 3 seconds (90259
Irrilynne visited 116 places.
Her strength score was modified by +33 during her career.
// Giants are yummy
Her learning score was modified by +12 during her career.
Her willpower score was modified by +25 during her career.
// Really focused on that.  Big ball spells are good.  No tasteless
jokes, please. ^_^
Her dexterity score was modified by +17 during her career.
Her toughness score was modified by +23 during her career.
Her charisma score was modified by +7 during her career.
Her appearance score was modified by +8 during her career.
Her mana score was modified by +19 during her career.
Her perception score was modified by +10 during her career.
She was unnaturally aged by 17 years.
She was the champion of the arena.
She made a little water dragon very happy.
She defeated the arch enemy of a mighty karmic wyrm.
She stopped the generation of nasty bugs. She left the Drakalor Chain after
completing her quest and became a great leader and famous heroine.
4602 monsters perished before her.
The following 24 artifacts were generated during her adventure:
  the si
  the dwarven rune axe "Rolf's Companion"
  the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
  the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
  the heavy crossbow "The Far Slayer"
// Blue wyrm dropping
  the staff of the Wanderer
// Crowning, immediately converted to gold
  the lead-filled mace "Big Punch"
  the scorched spear
// Karmic vault
  the rune-covered trident
  the sword of Nonnak
  the elemental gauntlets
  the ring of the High Kings
  the crown of science
  the ancient mummy wrapping
  the ankh
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
  the black rune-covered dagger "Needle"
  the jet-black battle axe "Executor"
// Karmic vault
  the staff of the archmagi
// Uselessness
  the ring of immunity
// Karmic vault
She possessed the following intrinsics:
// Had a nice run with the Darkforge pools, although there were some
hairy moments with steel golems when I lost teleport control temporarily.
  She was fire resistant.
  She was poison resistant (enhanced through an item).
  She was cold resistant.
  She was acid resistant.
  She was lucky.
  Fate smiled upon her.
  She was cursed (gained through an item).
  She was sleep resistant (enhanced through items).
  She was able to teleport.
  She was able to control teleportation.
  She was stun resistant (enhanced through items).
  She was paralyzation resistant.
  She was resistant to death rays (gained through an item).
  She was shock resistant (enhanced through an item).
  She was able to see invisible things (gained through an item).
  She was immune to shock attacks.
  She was immune to ice attacks (gained through an item).
  She was able to resist confusion attacks (gained through items).
She was a messiah of Shalla.
She asked for 3 divine interventions.
She was a holy champion of Order.

The following monsters were vanquished:
      1 ancient blue wyrm
// 5M+ experience -- far more than I've ever gotten for him.
     10 balors
     22 great karmic wyrms
// *ZZZT* *slice* *thud*
      1 greater balor
// 7M+ experience.  Yeah, I noticed a lot of minor enemies giving less
experience, but it seems like some major ones give a lot more.  He was
always worth about 2.5M for me before.  My speed was around 130 at
the time.
      2 greater molochs
// The only close call in the late game.
     66 karmic baby dragons
     45 karmic dragons
     97 karmic lizards
      2 titans
// 2 corpses ^_^