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SPOILERS, if you do not wish to learn this information pleace leave now.

I don't include long story here because there didn't happen anything
"unusual" during this game, except that I had two scrolls of familiar
summonning on CoC 50, first gave me a balor!, which pretty much killed
everything (including the Fistratius or whatever-his-name-was :).

Second scroll of familiar summonning summoned me a greater fire elemental,
which was killed by the Fistra-what's-his-name-again. I had only one
wish during the game and that went to scrolls of chaos resistance.

This is my first victory ever, BTW.


        ^^^                                  ^^^^^^       ^^^^         ^^^^^^
       ^^*^^^^                             ^^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^     ^ ^^^@.^
      ^===""""~                           ~~~~~^*^^=     =^^*^^^   ^^^^^^..^^
      ==="""~~~              &&o&&&& &&~~~~~~~&&&===    =="""""" &&^~^^*^.^^
      """"~~~^^             ^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&==""""""""""&&~~~^....^
     """~~^^*^             ^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&""""=""""""""""&&&&&o..~^^^
     ""~~~^^^^^^^          ^^^*^"""""""""""""""""""=="""""""""&&&&&&&&&&^^^
    ^^^^&&""""""""""""""""&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&""""""==""====""~~~*^^^ ^*^
    ^^^*^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&^^^*^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&"""""===""""""""~~~~^^^^ ^~^
    ^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&""""""=^^"""~^^^^^^  ^o^
     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^+^^^^^^   ^^^
      ^^^                    ^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Jomppa        St:47  Le:15  Wi:23  Dx:27  To:30  Ch:27  Ap: 6  Ma:12  Pe:21 N-
DV/PV: 51/35   H: 916(916)    P: 154(173)    Exp: 50/42674571   DrCh  LE: 704
Blessed Invisible Bloated

Strength and toughness are best I've ever had with humans.
DV and PV are crappy, but what do you expect for a beastfighter, anyway?

                            Background Information

Name: Jomppa              Race: male Human          Class: Beastfighter
Eye color: brown          Hair color: black         Complexion: light
Height: 6'2"              Weight: 171 pounds        Scars: 3
Age: 28 (grown-up)
Star sign: Wolf           Birthday: 13/Wolf (day 313 of the year)

        Your parents were poor people. They loved you and cared for you,
 although you had to hunger more than once.
        As a child your parents cared a lot for you. Despite all
 circumstances you enjoyed a happy and fine childhood.
        In your youth you worked a lot to become rich and famous later.
 Consequently you rarely had enough time to play with other kids of your
        As a young adult you spent a lot of time searching for a deeper
 meaning and purpose in your life. You pondered and pondered but nothing
 truly sparked your interest. Finally, after many many hours, you made a
        You decided to become a Beastfighter.

Total weight: 6792 stones                Carrying capacity: 9975 stones

He: uncursed crown of leadership [+2, +7] {Ch+18}                     [65s]
>> this is great, best of the helmets. IMO. Found from greater vault
Ne: blessed sapphire amulet (named) [+4, +4] {Wi+7}                    [3s]
>> This was great also, found this from greater vault too.
Bo: blessed fine leather armor (named) (+2, +0) [+2, +8] (+15 spd)   [120s]
>> Crowning gift, wored it allmost whole game.
Gi: uncursed girdle of strength [+0, +0] {St+2}                       [15s]
Cl: uncursed cloak of protection [+0, +3]                             [20s]
RH: -
LH: -
>> Never wielded weapon, except once, when I didn't have scrolls of identify
>> andI wanted to identify one weapon, offcourse that weapon was cursed!
RR: blessed ring of the High Kings [+2, +3]                            [1s]
>> I like this.
LR: uncursed ring of the fish                                          [1s]
Br: uncursed bracers of protection [+0, +2]                           [10s]
Ga: uncursed iron gauntlets (named) (-1, +0) [+1, +3] {St+7}          [10s]
Bo: blessed seven league boots [+1, +2]                               [30s]
>> found very early.
MW: -
Mi: heap of 2 cursed rocks (+0, 1d4+3)                                [10s]
>> Used rocks to get trough CoC 49.
Tl: -


Total weight: 6507 stones   Carrying capacity: 9975 stones

>> "Normal" items are snipped off...

Helmets ('[')
   heap of 2 uncursed adamantium caps [+0, +5]                        [72s]
>> I wored one of these until I found the crown.
Armor ('[')
   uncursed ancient mummy wrapping [+1, +5] {Ap-8}                    [60s]
Gauntlets ('[')
   uncursed elemental gauntlets (-1, +0) [+0, +3]                     [10s]
   uncursed gloves of dexterity [+0, +0] {Dx+5}                        [6s]
   uncursed red dragon-hide gauntlets (-2, +0) [+0, +5]               [10s]
>> I also had some thick gauntlets...
Girdles ('[')
   heap of 3 uncursed girdles of carrying [+0, +0]                    [45s]
   blessed girdle of carrying [+0, +0]                                [15s]
   heap of 3 uncursed girdles of greed [+0, +0]                       [21s]
   uncursed money belt [+0, +0]                                        [5s]
Boots ('[')
   blessed seven league boots [+1, +0]                                [30s]
   uncursed boots of speed [+2, +2] (+8 spd)                          [20s]
   uncursed seven league boots [+1, +3]                               [30s]
>> Urgh, why didn't I use this?
Necklaces (''')
   uncursed ankh                                                       [3s]
   uncursed sapphire amulet "Preserver" [+4, +4] {Wi+7}                [3s]
>> Strange bug, found two of these from greater vault (?!?!)
>> TONS of other necklaces snipped off...
Bracers (',')
   blessed bracers of protection [+0, +2]                             [10s]
   uncursed bracers of speed [+0, +0] (+4 spd)                        [10s]
   uncursed bracers of toughness [+0, +0] {To+7}                      [10s]
>> Unidentified :(
One-handed weapons ('(')
   uncursed black rune-covered dagger "Sting" (+8, 3d4) [+4, +1]      [10s]
>> Crappy =)
   uncursed whip of the snake (-1, 5d2+7) {Dx+7} (+7 spd)             [15s]
>> More crappy =)
   uncursed pick axe (+0, 1d6-2)                                      [75s]
   uncursed pick axe (-1, 1d6+1)                                      [75s]
   uncursed pick axe (+0, 1d6+2)                                      [75s]
>> I had about 10 of these during the game, but they got lost...
Two-handed weapons ('(')
   uncursed quicksilver quarterstaff (+6, 5d3+7) [+3, +0] (+20 spd)   [20s]
>> These must be VERY rare, this is first I see one.
   uncursed shining long spear "Soaker" (+9, 3d7) [+3, +0]            [10s]
   uncursed hammer of the gods (+1, 7d6+8) [-6, +0]                  [400s]
>> Useless crap for me
Missile weapons ('}')
   uncursed heavy crossbow "The Far Slayer" (+18, +18)               [350s]
>> It's GREAT! Dont remember were I got it from.
Missiles ('/')
   bundle of 3 uncursed quarrels of giant slaying (+3, 2d8+6)         [12s]
   bundle of 6 uncursed arrows of undead slaying (+6, 2d4+3)          [12s]
   bundle of 8 uncursed quarrels of undead slaying (+6, 2d6+3)        [32s]
   bundle of 5 uncursed arrows of dragon slaying (+5, 1d6+3)          [10s]
   bundle of 8 uncursed arrows of giant slaying (+3, 1d10+4)          [16s]
   bundle of 3 uncursed quarrels of dragon slaying (+3, 2d6+1)        [12s]
>> Only slaying missiles listed had about 200 other missiles.
Tools (']')
>> Just the usual ones, tons of sis, about 10 blankets,
>> + some keys and torches.
Instruments ('{')
   uncursed mandoline                                                 [23s]
Rings ('=')
   heap of 5 uncursed rings of acid resistance                         [5s]
   uncursed ring of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile damage)       [1s]
   uncursed ring of elemental mastery                                  [1s]
   uncursed ring of regeneration                                       [1s]
   uncursed ring of luck                                               [1s]
   uncursed ring of immunity                                           [1s]
>> I think I had ALL kinds of non-artifact rings...
Wands ('\')
>> cold, fire, digging, wonder, teleportation...
>> about 40 wands
Potions ('!')
>> cure poison, some stat boosting potions (forgot to use them in CoC 50),
>> lots of water, poison...
Scrolls ('?')
   heap of 3 uncursed scrolls of familiar summoning                    [6s]
>> I had 3 of these left! Didnt notice them.
>> Also had lots of other scrolls (identify and power mostly)
Books ('"')
   uncursed spellbook of Calm Monster                                [100s]
   cursed spellbook of Darkness                                      [100s]
   uncursed spellbook of Fire Bolt                                   [100s]
   blessed spellbook of Frost Bolt                                   [100s]
   uncursed spellbook of Frost Bolt                                  [100s]
   blessed spellbook of Frost Bolt                                   [100s]
>> Never bothered to read them... =)
Food ('%')
>> Cooked lizards, rations, herbs...
Valuables ('$')
   35168 gold pieces                                                 [351s]
Gems ('*')
   cursed crystal of knowledge                                         [1s]
>> Only one during the whole game.
>> lots of other too

                                Weapon Skills

Melee weapon           Lvl   Hit   Dam   DV   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Unarmed fighting        13   +10   +10   +8   Mastery              2249
Axes                     2    +2    +1   +0   basic                39
>> All others at one.

Missile weapon         Lvl   Hit   Dam   Ra   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Bows                     7   +14   +10   +2   skilled              175
Crossbows                5   +10    +7   +1   skilled              49
>> All others at 0.

Shields                Lvl   DV               Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---              -------------  --------------
Shields                  0    +0              unskilled            15
>> NEVER wielded any.

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +138 bonus to hit, 1d36+72 damage
>> I think this is the best one I've ever had.

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
Ammunition: 2, base range: 2, +76 bonus to hit, 1d4+17 damage


  Athletics ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Backstabbing .............100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Climbing .................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Courage ..................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Dodge ....................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  First aid ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Food preservation ........100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Haggling ................. 50    (fair)         [+1]
  Healing ..................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Herbalism ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Listening ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Literacy ................. 79    (great)        [+1]
  Mining ................... 69    (good)         [+1]
  Stealth ..................100    (superb)       [+4d4]
  Survival .................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Swimming .................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Tactics .................. 51    (good)         [+1]
  Two weapon combat ........ 42    (fair)         [+1]


   Burning Hands    :   129,   8pp     (Effectivity: +2)
   Calm Monster     :    88,   8pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Cure Disease     :   142,   8pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Revelation       :    42,  52pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Slow Poison      :    11,  11pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Strength of Atlas:     8,  19pp     (Effectivity: +0)
>> Strngth of Atlas and Slow Poison from wands of wonder, others from
>> books.

                            Effects of Corruption

You have grown a bulging cranium (Le: +6, Wi: +4, Ap: -6, PV: -4, To: -3).
You rage (DV: -9, +6 melee damage)!
You look somewhat apish (St: +3, Le: -1, Wi: -1, Ch: -2, Ap: -3).
>> I allready used white unicorn, because I had 12 corruptions after mana
>> temple :(

                              His further life:

After he leaves the Drakalor Chain he is welcomed by his people with great
honors. They acknowledge his noble deeds, his valor, his cunning and his
great skills that helped to prevent the complete destruction of the world he
knows. He returns to his lands victorious and is hailed as a great leader.
Eventually he becomes king and rule your subjects with an iron fist for a
long and peaceful time, allowing his people to prosper and grow.
>> Pretty good.

              His achievements during his adventures:

Jomppa, the human beastfighter, saved the world with his brave efforts and
became a great ruler while saving himself 4 times.
He scored 18271668 points and advanced to level 50.
He survived for 0 years, 47 days, 16 hours, 19 minutes and 9 seconds (107993
>> Urgh! Usually it takes 50 days for me to reach fire temple, well
>> this time I had early SLB's
1 companion was killed during his adventures.
>> My poor greter fire elemental which got killed by Fistratius.
Jomppa visited 105 places.
His strength score was modified by +18 during his career.
His learning score was modified by -2 during his career.
His willpower score was modified by -1 during his career.
His dexterity score was modified by +11 during his career.
His toughness score was modified by +13 during his career.
His charisma score was modified by +2 during his career.
His appearance score was modified by +4 during his career.
His mana score was modified by +4 during his career.
His perception score was modified by +6 during his career.
He was the champion of the arena.
He left the Drakalor Chain after completing his quest and became a great
leader and famous hero.
5306 monsters perished before him.
The following 25 artifacts were generated during his adventure:
  the si
  the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
  the potion of literacy
  the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
  the heavy crossbow "The Far Slayer"
  the lead-filled mace "Big Punch"
>> Sacced
  the elemental gauntlets
  the ring of the High Kings
  the phial of Caladriel
>> didn't bother to get it, just trained unarmed fighting skill in that cave
  the crown of science
>> I didn't even pick it up. (Bad, bad artifact =)
  the ancient mummy wrapping
  the ankh
  the hammer of the gods
  the black torc
>> I sacced it
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
  the black rune-covered dagger "Sting"
  the fine leather armor "Nature's Companion"
  the sapphire amulet "Preserver"
  the crown of leadership
  the iron gauntlets "Ironfist"
  the shining long spear "Soaker"
>> Didn't miss any artifacts.
He possessed the following intrinsics:
  He was fire resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was poison resistant (enhanced through items).
  He was cold resistant (gained through an item).
  He was acid resistant.
  He was lucky (gained through an item).
  He was cursed.
  He was sleep resistant.
  He was able to control teleportation.
  He was invisible.
  He was stun resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was paralyzation resistant (gained through an item).
  He was shock resistant (gained through an item).
  He was able to see invisible things (enhanced through an item).
  He was immune to shock attacks (gained through an item).
  He was immune to fire attacks (gained through an item).
  He was immune to ice attacks.
>> from crowning
  He was able to resist confusion attacks (gained through an item).
He was a messiah of Istaria.
He asked for 15 divine interventions.
He was a holy champion of Balance.
He was tainted by Chaos.

The following monsters were vanquished:
>> Nothing unusual, didn't have any greater molochs, BTW. :(