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        ^^^ ^^^^^^^^                          ^^^^^       ^^^^         ^^^^^^
      ^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^                        ^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^     ^ ^^^..^
   ^^^^===""""~~~^^^^^                      ~~~^*^^==    =^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^.@^^
  ^^^===="""~~~~~~o^^^       &&o&&&&&&&     ~~&&&====    ="""""""&&^~^^*^.^^
 ^^^^"""""~~~^^^^^^^^^      ^^&&&&&&&&&&    &&&&&&&&=    """""""&&~~~^....^
 ^^"""""~~^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&""""=    """"""&&&&&o..~^^^
 ^^^"""~~~^^^^^^^*^~~~~~~^o^^^*^"""""""""""""""""""=     """""&&&&&&&&&&^^^
 ^^~~~~~~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""""""""""""""""""""=     """&&&&&&&&&&&~~^^^
 ^*^~^^^^^~~~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"""""&&&&"""*&&&&""""==     &&&&&&&&&&&&~~~^^^^
 ^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~"o""""^^"""""""""&&&&&&&&&......^^^^==     ""&&o&&&&~~~~^*^^^
  ^^^^ ^^^~~~~"""""""""""""""""&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&.^^*^^===    ""&&&&&&~~~^^^^^^
   ^  ^^~~~~~"""""""""""""""&&&&&&&*&*&&&&&&&&&....^^^^==="""&&""&&&~~~~~^^^
    ^^^^&&""""""""""""""""&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&""""""==""====""~~~*    ^*^
    ^^^*^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&^^^*^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&"""""===""""""""~~~~     ^~^
    ^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&""""""=^^"""~^^      ^o^
     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^+^^^      ^^^
      ^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Lintulin      St:52  Le:38  Wi:24  Dx:38  To:33  Ch:25  Ap:24  Ma:35  Pe:26 N=
DV/PV: 72/31   H: 713(931)    P: 445(445)    Exp: 50/27752117   DrCh  Sp: 175
Blessed Burdened

                            Background Information

Name: Lintulin            Race: male Gray Elf       Class: Beastfighter
Eye color: purple         Hair color: silver        Complexion: pale
Height: 6'9"              Weight: 149 pounds        Scars: 19
Age: 307 (grown-up)
Star sign: Wand           Birthday: 23/Wand (day 83 of the year)

        Your mother is a mighty enchantress. She is unmarried. Your father
 is living in the vicinity of your mother's tower. He is a humble shepherd.
        As a child your parents cared a lot for you. Despite all
 circumstances you enjoyed a happy and fine childhood.
        During your youth you embarked on many small journeys to nearby
 towns on behalf of your parents. You learned to know lots of people and
 made many friends.
        Your path was always clearly lying before you. You knew about your
 destiny since your earliest years and fortunately your grandfather
 supported your wishes. You managed to find a competent trainer and began
 your studies.
        You decided to become a Beastfighter.

-The very beginning wasn't too easy, as I had to flee from the SMC
before finding either the down-staircase or the blanket. But somehow I
managed to gain levels and not get killed. I couldn't save Kenny, but
killed Hotzenplotz with Frost Bolt (as a gray elven beastfighter I had
literacy :). 

-I had two major breaks of luck: first, I found an amulet of life saving
somewhere in the upper parts of CoC. So I saved Khelavaster for the
second time ever. I decided to go for a regular victory, since I'd never
won before. Second, I found a wand of wishing (5 charges!) in the
Library. I decided to spend those wishes as need arises, instead of
wishing for SoCRs with all charges. I wished for one set of SoCRs, then
I wanted to get Concentration in order to read more advanced spellbooks
properly. One wish went for a spellbook of invisibility and one for
seven league boots (got three pairs).

-Also finding Ironfist in the early levels of CoC helped enormously. I
got myself crowned in the Dwarftown and got Nature's Companion. I was
also lucky with the altars earlier, since I found neutral altars at
DD 6, UD 8 and PC 5 among others. So I could make holy water early.

-Everything went quite smoothly. In the Library I started feeling
powerful, as I noticed that I could melee diamond golems and molochs.
The ToEF was easy. I had no rings of ice, but i had no problem wearing
only artifacts and stuff made from the higher metals. A couple of
fireproof blankets protected my inventory stuff completely. 

-The earth elementals and stone grues in the Earth Temple gave a lot of
experience and a greater vault of red dragons and fire elementals at 
D:46 got me to level 50 easily. I had a lot of corruptions when I went
to the Mana Temple, including stiff muscles, but I wanted to get the
Mana Orb before climbing back up for the last time before the final
dive. I still had a few SoCRs in my stash in Dwarftown, and I also
hadn't used Yrriur's reward yet. So I went for Nuurag-Vaarn and killed
him in melee with a few hits (although I had to kill a lot of other 
monsters first). I was wearing an amulet of death ray resistance and
Nuurag-Vaarn kindly didn't even drain my stats. He just cast darkness
which didn't protect him from my fists :)

-After the Mana Temple I climbed up to get purified by Yrriur, collected
my useful stuff from Dwarftown and dived down. On D:50 I did the wand of
destruction ending without ever even hitting a balor. Didn't even see
Fistanarius :)

Total weight: 9783 stones                Carrying capacity: 11475 stones

He: uncursed leather cap [+3, +3]                                      [5s]
Ne: uncursed amulet of free action                                     [3s]
-It was hard to decide which amulet to wear. I went for free action most
of the time, since a Dorn beast killed another promising character of

Bo: blessed fine leather armor (named) (+2, +0) [+2, +8] (+15 spd)   [120s]
-Gotta love this one. Nature's Companion, naturally.

Gi: blessed girdle of giant strength [+0, +0] {St+12}                 [30s]
Cl: uncursed cloak of adornment [+1, +3] {Ap+4}                       [40s]
RH: -
LH: -
RR: blessed ring of the High Kings [+2, +3]                            [1s]
LR: uncursed ring of speed [+0, +3] (+5 spd)                           [1s]
Br: uncursed bracers of defense [+3, +0]                              [10s]
Ga: blessed iron gauntlets (named) (-1, +0) [+1, +3] {St+7}           [10s]
-Gotta love these too. Ironfist, naturally.

Bo: blessed seven league boots [+4, +0]                               [30s]
MW: uncursed long bow of accuracy (+8, +2)                            [30s]
Mi: bundle of 2 uncursed arrows of giant slaying (+3, 1d10+4)          [4s]
Tl: -


Total weight: 9499 stones   Carrying capacity: 11475 stones

Helmets ('[')
-14 helmets
Armor ('[')
   uncursed ancient mummy wrapping [+1, +5] {Ap-8}                    [60s]
-Never wore this after I got Nature's Companion.

Gauntlets ('[')
   uncursed elemental gauntlets (-1, +0) [+0, +3]                     [10s]
-7 pairs of thick gauntlets

Cloaks ('[')
-10 cloaks

Girdles ('[')
-13 girdles

Boots ('[')
   uncursed seven league boots [+1, -2]                               [30s]
   uncursed seven league boots [+1, +0]                               [30s]
-11 pairs of other types of boots

Necklaces (''')
   blessed ankh                                                        [3s]
   uncursed amulet of petrification resistance                         [3s]
   heap of 2 blessed amulets of death ray resistance                  [14s]
-27 other amulets

Bracers (',')
   uncursed bracers of protection [+0, +2]                            [10s]
   heap of 3 uncursed brass bracers [+0, +0]                          [30s]
-Didn't find any potions of raw chaos.

   uncursed bracers of defense [+2, +0]                               [10s]
   uncursed bracers of speed [-3, +0] (+4 spd)                        [10s]
One-handed weapons ('(')
-5 pick-axes
   uncursed scorched spear (+2, 3d8+1) [+2, +0]                       [50s]
-Uselessness gift. Useless.

Missile weapons ('}')
   uncursed short bow of accuracy (+6, +2)                            [20s]
   uncursed long bow of hunting (+6, +3)                              [30s]
   uncursed short bow of accuracy (+7, +0)                            [20s]
   heap of 2 uncursed short bows of accuracy (+6, +0)                 [40s]
   uncursed long bow of accuracy (+8, +0)                             [30s]
-9 other bows

Missiles ('/')
-a lot of arrows

Tools (']')

Rings ('=')

Wands ('\')
   blessed wand of wishing (1 charge)                                  [3s]
-Ta-daa! I already had everything I needed!
-lots of other wands

Potions ('!')
   heap of 10 potions of holy water                                   [40s]
   heap of 2 blessed potions of ultra healing                          [4s]
-lots of other potions

Scrolls ('?')
   blessed scroll of familiar summoning                                [2s]
-Oops, I forgot to read this at D:50.
   heap of 2 blessed scrolls of chaos resistance                       [4s]
   heap of 2 uncursed scrolls of familiar summoning                    [4s]
-And these...

Food ('%')
   heap of 13 blessed stomafillia herbs                               [26s]
   heap of 31 uncursed cooked lizards                                 [93s]
-snipped herbs and some regular food

Valuables ('$')
   368911 gold pieces                                               [3689s]

Gems ('*')
   heap of 4 uncursed crystals of light                                [4s]
   heap of 5 uncursed crystals of darkness                             [5s]
   uncursed crystal of power                                           [1s]
   blessed crystal of health                                           [1s]
   uncursed crystal of health                                          [1s]

                                Weapon Skills

Melee weapon           Lvl   Hit   Dam   DV   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Unarmed fighting        13   +10   +10   +8   Mastery              3215
Daggers & knives         1    +1    +0   +0   basic                25
Clubs & hammers          1    +1    +0   +0   basic                25
Maces & flails           1    +1    +0   +0   basic                25
Swords                   1    +1    +0   +0   basic                24
Axes                     1    +1    +0   +0   basic                25
Whips                    1    +1    +0   +1   basic                25
Pole arms                1    +1    +0   +0   basic                25
Twohanded weapons        1    +1    +1   +0   basic                25
Staves                   1    +1    +0   +1   basic                25

Missile weapon         Lvl   Hit   Dam   Ra   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Slings                   0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Bows                     9   +18   +13   +3   excellent            526
Crossbows                0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown axes & hammers    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown daggers           0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown rocks & clubs     0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            2
Thrown spears            0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Boomerangs & scurgari    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7

Shields                Lvl   DV               Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---              -------------  --------------
Shields                  0    +0              unskilled            15

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +138 bonus to hit, 1d36+69 damage
-At normal tactics level.

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
Ammunition: 2, base range: 18, +108 bonus to hit, 1d10+37 damage


  Climbing .................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  First aid ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Haggling ................. 63    (good)         [+1]
  Listening ................100    (superb)       [+3d3]
  Athletics ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Dodge ....................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Healing ..................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Herbalism ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Stealth ..................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Swimming .................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Survival .................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Literacy .................100    (superb)       [+1]
  Pick pockets ............. 87    (great)        [+1d3]
  Detect traps .............100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Disarm traps .............100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Pick locks ............... 63    (good)         [+1]
  Courage ..................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Tactics .................. 94    (superb)       [+1]
  Two weapon combat ........ 58    (good)         [+1]
  Backstabbing .............100    (superb)       [+3d3]
  Concentration ............100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Law ...................... 19    (mediocre)     [+3d4]

-Maybe I should've wished for Food Preservation... would've got more
quickling corpses in their tree...

-Now who says beastfighters can't cast spells?

   Acid Bolt           :     1,  27pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Burning Hands       :   427,   6pp     (Effectivity: +9)
   Cure Critical Wounds:    40,  22pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Cure Disease        :    13,  13pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Cure Light Wounds   :    39,   6pp     (Effectivity: +7)
   Darkness            :   743,   3pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Farsight            :   219,  16pp     (Effectivity: +2)
   Fire Bolt           :   122,   8pp     (Effectivity: +6)
   Frost Bolt          :    30,  17pp     (Effectivity: +6)
   Identify            :     6, 131pp     (Effectivity: +2)
   Improved Fireball   :   352,  27pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Invisibility        :   646,   9pp     (Effectivity: +1)
   Knock               :   542,  11pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Light               :   518,   1pp     (Effectivity: +7)
   Lightning Bolt      :    77,  12pp     (Effectivity: +7)
   Magic Lock          :     5,  14pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Magic Missile       :   467,   7pp     (Effectivity: +2)
   Neutralize Poison   :   276,   9pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Remove Curse        :   313,  45pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Slow Monster        :   320,   6pp     (Effectivity: +1)
   Slow Poison         :   606,   5pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Strength of Atlas   :   486,   9pp     (Effectivity: +2)
   Summon Monsters     :   360,  27pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Teleportation       :   407,  20pp     (Effectivity: +3)
   Web                 :   756,  11pp     (Effectivity: +1)
   Wish                :    16, 4968pp     (Effectivity: +0)
-Heh, got this from a potion, of course :) It's nice to have it on the
list :)

                              His further life:

After he leaves the Drakalor Chain he is welcomed by his people with great
honors. They acknowledge his noble deeds, his valor, his cunning and his
great skills that helped to prevent the complete destruction of the world he
knows. He returns to his lands victorious and is hailed as a great leader.
Eventually he becomes king and rule your subjects with an iron fist for a
long and peaceful time, allowing his people to prosper and grow.

              His achievements during his adventures:

Lintulin, the gray elven beastfighter, saved the world with his brave
efforts and became a great ruler while saving himself 39 times.
He scored 13684092 points and advanced to level 50.
He survived for 0 years, 150 days, 14 hours, 16 minutes and 54 seconds
(146976 turns).
- I entered the quickling tree at about 94 days and when I came out, 
a total of 147 days had passed.

Lintulin visited 120 places.
His strength score was modified by +18 during his career.
His learning score was modified by +21 during his career.
His willpower score was modified by +13 during his career.
His dexterity score was modified by +17 during his career.
His toughness score was modified by +19 during his career.
His charisma score was modified by +10 during his career.
His mana score was modified by +16 during his career.
His perception score was modified by +6 during his career.
He was the champion of the arena.
-Li Hon-Kay. But I had done the Pyramid already...

He was a member of the thieves guild.
He made a little water dragon very happy.
He saved Khelavaster from certain death.
He left the Drakalor Chain after completing his quest and became a great
leader and famous hero.
7506 monsters perished before him.
The following 25 artifacts were generated during his adventure:
  the si

  the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
  the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
-Sacrificed both.

  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
  the lead-filled mace "Big Punch"

  the scorched spear
-Uselessness gift.

  the rune-covered trident
-I got this in three days after completing the quest. And I was not
born in Raven.

  the sword of Nonnak
-Sacced both.

  the elemental gauntlets
  the ring of the High Kings

  the phial of Caladriel
  the crown of science

  the ancient mummy wrapping
  the ankh
  the boots of great speed
-Didn't even pick these up in the Quickling Tree.

  the black torc
  the glaive "Long Sting"
-Sacced both. The Long Sting was dropped by a fairy dragon quite early.

  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
  the fine leather armor "Nature's Companion"

  the rune-covered heavy mace "Purifier"
-Don't remember where I got this. Sacced, anyway.

  the iron gauntlets "Ironfist"

  the rune-covered halberd "Wyrmlance"
-In the greater vault at D:46.

He possessed the following intrinsics:
  He was fire resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was poison resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was cold resistant (gained through an item).
  He was lucky.
  Fate smiled upon him.
  He was able to control teleportation.
  He was stun resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was paralyzation resistant (gained through an item).
  He was shock resistant (gained through an item).
  He was immune to shock attacks (enhanced through an item).
-Crowning immunity.

  He was immune to fire attacks (gained through an item).
He was a messiah of Ayssia.
He asked for 5 divine interventions.
-Had to use two of these at the very beginning to survive in the SMC
and PC.

He was a holy champion of Balance.
-First time I got crowned!

He was slightly tainted by Chaos.

The following monsters were vanquished:
-Snipped most.

     14 ancient red dragons
-Nice exp.

     60 animated trees
-I went a couple of times through the Forest, but then it became
impossible. Luckily I already had teleport control to pass the DH

     40 bandits
-First kill, as always.

      2 battle bunnies
      1 bunny master
-I was fast.

      1 cat lord
-Meleed him too. I'd only killed a couple of cats so he wasn't

      4 diamond golems
-To hit something made of diamond... that's gotta hurt!

      1 doppleganger king
      3 doppleganger lords
-These guys were easy.

      1 dwarven guardian
-I bet he followed me downstairs to a dark room...

      6 giant slugs
-No corpses.

      1 greater moloch
-Lighting Bolt.

      1 greater titan

      1 lich king

      6 master thieves
-Not the one in Lawenilothehl, though.

      2 molochs

    100 quicklings
      4 quickling kings
     87 quickling lords
      1 quickling queen
-I got about 2 quickling and 2 quickling lord corpses out of these.

      3 werewolf kings