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Several events on his journey:

Thodrin, the dwarven fighter, found a pair of worn boots lying against the wall somewhere on his way down the 
UD. Instants after putting them on he realized he was moving with much greater ease, a swiftness attributed to 
his new seven league boots. 

A subteranian river blocked his progress in the first level of the CoC. Therefore, he was forced to travel 
back to Terinyo for the hatchet and bridge building manual to make his way across. But, thanks to the seven 
league boots, the trip took minimal effort and time. He did, however, find himself forced to make several 
trips back and forth to Terinyo to restock on provitional rations. But, after several days of straining, hard 
labor and incesant determination, he finally managed to finish the bridge and proceed into the CoC.

Thodrin found an undead vault somewhere in the first levels. And within, an amulet of steel, which, as he had 
suspected (and hoped), turned out to be an amulet of life saving. In the Tomb of the High Kings, he used two 
wands of cold to span the bloody waters of terrible piranhas, one with 2 charges left, the other with 1 
(conveniently). When he tried to open the door, he heard an abrupt, unearthly groan of surprise from the other
side. When he saw the stumbling Skeleton King within, he immediatly retreated in fear to the mainland, away 
from the fatally perilous waters before the stunned mind-flayer could recover from what was apparently the 
door's trap, which must have backfired. Thodrin cautiously fleed all the way to the cavern entrance, keeping 
his distance from the red waters, where he there met the Skeleton King, still stunned, who had apparently 
stumpled through the lake, onto the shore and now against the wall. As he came near, the Skeleton King 
attempted several times to confuse the great dwarven fighter, yet, to now avail. Even without magical means 
of protection, Thodrin's mind was too strong and focused to fall prey to the great undead's attempts. Thodrim 
hacked him down considerably from afar with his skilled arrows, and by the time they were foot to foot the 
Skeleton King was far too weakend to win. Then Thodrin took his prize, and went on to the final test: the 
Tower of Eternal Flames...

He had no mithril ring, and no more fireproof blankets. So, he stripped down to the barest essentials and made 
a prayer to his deity. He knew that he wasnt going to be able to rely on the gods for help should the need 
arise (and he sensed it would), for in these grave times, reaching the gods for a brief moment was next to 
impossible, only after great sacrifice, and never for long. So, he took what he knew was his only hope, his 
precious blessed potions of extra and ultral healing with him, hesistantly, for he knew they would break 
before long in the smouldering walls within the inferno. He took off his precious seven league boots, and 
treked to the flaming tower wearing his artifacts, fire-proof armor, more than enough cooked lizards (which 
were bound to burn, slowly but surely), and his gold, which was intended to serve as only insulation to 
shield his priceless potions (his only salvation). One step within and two potions of extra healing popped. 
He shook his head regretfully, and returned back to the CoC entrance, were he left them with the old 
barbarian, should he return. Then, before the Eternal Tower of Flame he convinced himself he was destined to 
die, and prepared to meet his likely end with all the rage that the experiences of his life had manifested. 
Thanks to his blessed elemental gauntlets, a blessed wooden ring (of fire resistance), and the blessed Ring 
of the High Kings, he found himself resistant to the unbearable heat within, and suffered no damage from its 
flames. He reached the top with much strife, and after several trips back out when he was forced to recuperate 
from grevious wounds inflicted by the powerful creatures within (particularly the fire elementals). Now that 
the path was made, he made what seemed to be the final trip to the CoC entrance, where he retrieved his 
blessed pick axe, and 3 wands of digging, which were all he had to break through the great, thick walls of 
opposition that divided the summit, shielding him from his goal. He crossed his fingers and prayed that at 
least one of these instruments possessed enough resistance to endure the unforgiving forge of fear. By the 
time he reached the top, all that made it, to his relief, was a single wand with 1 charge, and his pick axe. 
Taking no further chances, he wasted no time in using the wand, and then with its final charge, created a 
corridor that soon flooded with fire elementals. Thodrin was tired and after managing to fall a few of these 
brutal, crazed, hostile elemental manifestations of fiery nature, he was forced to flee desperately once 
again out of the tower to recuperate lost energies. But when this time was done, he was filled with hope and 
confidence that he was going to persevere, for the hardest feats were now behind him. For now, all that was 
left was to confront his nightmare and engage it to the death. A feat he was almost uncontrollably anxious in 
looking forward to. So, fully healed with 400 HP, he met his ultimate fear at the summit, and after several 
berserk moments where time seemed to grind to a halt, with his iron grip around Big Punch, he suddenly found 
himself standing, bloodied and battered, but barely alive, aside the massive carcass of the Ancient Chaos Wyrm. 
Then, when he heard the rumbling forces of hell that quickly approached, and still surprised with relief, he 
scooped up the orb of fire and cowardly evaded the massive hordes that were on his back and looking prepared 
to wreak revenge upon the intruder. He emerged the citadel of chaos without further harm, and after returning 
to the elated old barbarian, and re-equipping his possessions, he hauled the corrupted corpse to Guth Alec in 
Terinyo, were he recieved in exchange a mottled potion, which he knew was a cure for corruption...

Past the portal of flame far below Dwarftown, and after easily obtaining the orb of water (thanks to his helm 
of water breathing), Thodrin stumbled upon a greater vault of lesser giants, which he was ideally suited for 
(being a fighter). He encountered ogres; lords, magis, and kings. He encountered hill giants; common and 
sargeants, also fomorian and ettins. And at the heart of the complex there were many fire giants and several 
frost giants, guarding an artifact: the saphirre amulet "Preserver". He sensed the presence of further life in
his surroundings, so he searched the vault's outer walls intently and found three more hidden giant quarters, 
where he found the Scorched Spear, which he only saved with the demented ratling in mind. He lamented not 
being learned in food preservation, and he hadnt realized having recovered a longbow of hunting from one of 
the gargantuan bodies until after he read a blessed scroll of identify, right after emptying the vault. 
Nevertheless, he emerged from the vault a much stronger dwarf than before.

He reached the casino, whereas upon entering he met a friendly swamp hydra, who's greeting was: "Hi! Grrr! 
Grumpf! Raaag!". Thodrin was at N-, so he felt that if he robbed the casino's enourmous gift shop (which was 
imminent), chances were if he emerged successfully, it would be at C. He began browsing the shop, picking up 
all interesting items he found, while wearing an amulet of order in hopes to calibrate his morality in 
preperation for the drop it would face. After his trip through the entire store, he found himself still at N-, 
and feared a great change was to occur within himself. From a safe distance, he zapped a wand of acid at the 
shopkeeper, who shrugged it off, but got angry nonetheless, rang the alarm and proceeded to hostily approach 
Thodrin. Thodrin went cowardly, and after a few steps backwards, read a blessed scroll of identification and 
quickly dropped the useless items in the hopes of becoming less burdened, for he would need all the speed he 
could spare if he hoped to escape without engagement. He moved back, away from the outraged, mighty shopkeeper 
all the way to the far end of the shop, in the attempt to lure the other guards away from the exit, when he 
zapped a wand of teleportation, re-appearing again in the middle of the shop, regretfully. There were still 3 
charges left in the wand, so he zapped it upon himself, and this instance found himself close to the stairway 
from which he had entered. He was now very hungry, and found himself forced to retreat through it to eat on 
the previous level, and then returned to find a large group of guards steadily approaching. Still at cowardly 
tactics, he moved along the wall, past the flailing guards, when he suddenly heard a yell, some clanging, and 
then realized he was past them and that they had apparently abandoned pursuit, for whatever reason he could 
not discern. He didnt wish to give into his curious urge to see what had halted their chase, but instead 
hastily pressed on towards the vacant and unguarded exit to the next level. He looked within himself, and 
found his alignment to be at a startling C-...

Thodrin found a shortcut to Darkforge and on his way out, decided to finish off the evil dwarven artificer. 
Despite several charges from a wand of acid, Kherab was still well determined to vanquish the rude intruder. 
He was proving to be a much greater opponent than Thodrin could handle, but just when he was preparing to flee, 
Kherab turned heel instead, and later fell to Thodrin's arrows. He returned to Dwarftown and converted himself
back to neutrality (stark naked).

Further below, Thodrin came upon a golem vault. It was a rectangular architecture, whose passages swirled 
inwards to the centre in a counter-clockwise direction. He found several diamond golems, who proved to be 
highly resistant to damage, and highly perious in dealing it as well. Their frames seemed at moments to simply 
refuse to yeild to Thodrin's mighty blows! And at the vaults center, an eternium golem, who came over half 
ways to ending the brave dwarven fighter's life..

Even further still beneath the ground, where the air began to get thinner and harder to breathe, Thodrin found 
a red dragon vault, where after long moments he emerged as a legendary warrior. It was after this encounter 
that a water elemental appeared, bearing a gift of thanks to Thodrin from the great water dragon for saving 
her young, and left. It was a rune-covered trident, which Thodrin had anxiously awaited, and immediatly turned 
to wield, dumping his shield behind, and pocketing his over-sized mace to get rid of later (in a beneficially 
useful way, of course). I noticed that upon attaining experience level 50, Thodrin was getting skill increases 
much more freqently. But then, it stopped.

Thodrin collected the orb of air quite easily, and proceeded to aquire the orb of earth. The earth elementals 
were too powerful for him to face within their temple, for he had failed to bring his ring of invisibility, 
which he had stolen from the casino gift shop (and left at Dwarftown). So, he proceeded to lure one by one, or 
in pairs the seemingly impenetrable earth elementals up the stairs to the previous level, where on certain 
instances he was interupted by wandering monsters, which he was forced to dispatch quickly. On one occasion, a 
werewolf king entered the fray, which eventually led to Thodrin wading through a sea of silver wolves with his 
rune-covered trident. 

Much later, he came to an ancient karmic wyrm by the name of Sharrad-Waddor, who wished him to do a quest. He 
wanted to explore the rest of the level before accepting it, so he promised to return later. After satisfying 
his curiosity, he began his way back to Sharrad-Waddor, when he suddenly found himself face to face with a 
hostile ancient karmic wyrm barring his path. He hesitated to attack, because he could not tell if it was 
Sharrad Waddor or not, so, worried that if he attacked his quest would be ruined, he hoped it wasnt the same 
wyrm and teleported to the location he had met Sharrad-Waddor. Much to his relief, there he was. Apparently, 
the one he had met a moment ago was one of his brothers. Then, he recieved the quest, which was to kill 
Sharrad-Waddor's arch nemesis; an ancient blue wyrm, and in return he would recieve a black rune-engraved 
dagger, brother to the assassin thief's companion. Retrieving this dagger was essential to his goal, for he 
knew that only by carrying it would the way to the Trident of the Red Rooster be accessable. So, down dove 
Thodrin, through families upon families of blue dragons of various ages and stages of developement and rank, 
until he reached the sprawling lair of the ancient blue wyrm itself. He immediatly zapped a wand of monster 
detection to locate the ancient blue wyrm, who was far north east. But what he found disheartening was the 
sheer number of foes he discovered he would have to go through to reach his target. His valuable equipment 
was prone to destruction by the thunder that these beasts spewed, so he had to lure the ones at the immediate 
entrance back to the previous level to dispence of them cautiously, lest he be subjected to many volts from 
many blue dragon mouths. After the entrance was cleared, he unwillingly set off towards the north east, 
planning to take out the overgrown thunder-lizards as quickly as he could in a berserk fury, regarding little 
to his defence, for he was well suited to endure much punishment, at this point. A distance within one of the 
branches he decided to use the wand again, and found to his surprise that his target had made it's way nearby 
the entrance! He must have sensed the intruder, and proceeded to investigate during the battle. So, relieved 
once again that he wasnt forced to wade through an army of his family, he teleported back to the entrance, 
where he met and engaged the ancient blue wyrm. He fell swiftly, and Thodrin returned to Sharrad-Waddor to 
collect his reward. Then, after he had the dagger, he turned on his former employer, who he soon discovered 
was much more powerful than he had imagined. If he had known, he wouldnt have dared. But, he managed to kill 
the beast, and from sifting through the treasure, found it was hardly worth the trouble that almost cost him 

It took Thodrin much patience and persistance to reach his lair, but he finally came face to face with the 
assassin prince amidst the black walls of obsidian that enshrouded his domain. After recieving the errand for 
the mad minstrel, and the details were clear, he slew the assassin prince and reunited the brothers again. 
Not that it mattered to Thodrin, he wasnt planning on using them. But he deemed them valuable, and because he 
needed to become a champion of chaos, and he knew his dwarven chaos god appreciated much gold, he was 
accumulating it. 

The trip into the infinite dungeon, indeed, for its duration seemed endless. Shortly he found Filk, the 
quickling bard that the mad minstrel wanted dead, and during the fight he cursed Thodrin with a spell. It 
took Thodrin a long time to finally hit the dancing blur enough times to slay him. He finally fell to an 
arrow. But he pressed on downwards, for within the depths there lied a crutial key to his ultimate goal. He 
came upon many strange and interesting rooms, some of which he understood. Then, much further down, way down 
what seemed to be many miles from the surface, he came to a unique location which he instinctively knew was 
home to the essential piece of the chaos trinity he required. But the guardian, a chaos knight named MaLaKaI, 
was too mighty for Thodrin to best in melee, so with a wand of webbing, he vanquished his foe eventually with 
his archery skills. Of course, killing MaLaKaI hadnt been nessesary, for he had easily dodged around the foe 
to grab the trinity and was about to teleport to the stairs to make his excape, but he felt the urge to rise 
to the challenge and take him out.

The emperor moloch was practically invincible. Despite powerful critical hits with his demon slaying trident, 
the emperor moloch didnt suffered beyond light wounds. Thodrin changed tactics, and went berserk at a distance 
with all of his humanoid, demon and giant slayers, yet they proved to cause very little, if any effect at all 
on the incredible emperor moloch. He seemed impervious to damage. Thodrin even switched to weilding the twin 
daggers, Needle and Sting, but they had an even lesser, null effect. Thodrin disgarded them and switched back 
to the trident, and was reluctant to give up, fighting tirelessly in battle, using up most of his blessed 
ultra and extra healing potions, and then found himself disheartened, amazed, dumbfounded and horror-stricken 
that the emperor moloch never suffered beyond light wounds. Even as he retreated in utter terror and 
hopelessness, the wounds were regenerating to full health! Thodrin felt he had come too far to give up now, 
and in desperateness he began using all his wands, coming to a wand of webbing, which effectively held the 
brute sturdily for a while. Again and again he resorted to pressing the attacks using the same means that 
proved useless before, then, thanks to the fact that he had spent time reading many spellbooks previously, he 
resorted to his last hope: positioning himself in front of the moloch and the wall, and fired bolts of thunder
and magic missles through the emperor moloch, bouncing against the walls and hitting them both. After 
repeated maneuvers where he had to fire, move to avoid the brute, and fire again, over and over, he discovered 
this was the only thing effecting him, and kept it up. Several times he had to drink up the life-renewing 
elixers to continue enduring his own magical blasts, but finally, right after his last potion, right when he 
was nearing his final breathe, the emperor moloch fell, and with an earth-quaking *KA-THOOM*. It was the most 
difficult battle i have ever endured, and i hope Thomas modifies his power. He was simply way too powerful, 
even putting previous encounters with Andor Drakon to shame. In fact, at this point, i was dreading 
encountering the elder chaos god, if the emporor moloch was so difficult.

Upon aquiring the Trident of the Red Rooster, he returned to Dwarftown, for now he could become a champion of 
chaos. He lured several of the inhabitants away to slaughter, and he found himself at CN, which was a 
convenience, just in case he would need to convert back to the boundry of neutral, for whatever circumstance. 
He talked to the demented ratling, and fed it 6 artifacts from the stack he had accumulated (and still had 
many more). Then, he went to the stone circle, where he waited for 6 days before the gate opened. It was the 
95th day of his adventures in the Drakalor chain. He entered and as he stepped into the building's main room, 
he blessed and donned a ring of the clear mind. Nevertheless he fell victim to the mind-flaying spells of the 
multi-headed chaos dragon, but still managed to slay it with arrows of dragon slaying (having to teleport away 
with a wand on one occasion when it got too close, barely evading its breath-attack). 

He carried the enormous corpse to Terinyo, and because he was chaotic, he decided to store it at the rations 
shop, in case he would need to exchange it for a potion of cure corruption later (which he suspected). Right 
when he entered the shop he noticed the corpse had just begun to decompose. But Munxip the shopkeeper accepted 
it, nonetheless, for 10 gp. He then traveled to the high mountain village already bearing some of the 
ingredients that, for unexplicable reason, he already sensed that Gaab Baay, the old crone, would ask for. 
She wanted a boars skull. He gave it to her immediatly, to her surprise. Then it came time to produce a potion 
of cure corruption, which he had none. He returned past Terinyo to the village cave, where at a grey altar he 
converted himself to the verge of neutral with 5 gp at a time (practically naked, for fear of divine fury), 
and then bought back the corrupted corpse which he exchanged to Guth Alec for a the nessesary potion, and then 
lured a farmer to the outskirts where he became C. Gaab Baay, the old crone, was happy to recieve the potion, 
and then assigned the corpse of a farmer. Thodrin had no knowledge in food preservation, and swiftly lost the 
only longbow of hunting he ever found shortly after aquiring it, long ago. But there was a farmer in the 
village, and lo and behold, he miraculously (or not?) left his corpse intact and in perfect condition. Gaab 
Baay was finally satisfied after recieving it and a scroll of danger, which yeilded him the final part of the 
trinity; The Amulet of Chaos. Then he retrieved his 100,000 gp from his treasure pile, brought it all the way 
to the altar in village dungeon, which he converted to chaos, and sacrificed to become extremely close, and a 
champion of chaos. Now he felt prepared to enter the chaos gate and engage his destiny. But wait! He had yet 
to retrieve the orb of mana!

But first he wanted to put his great smithing skills to good use, and improve his armor. So he headed to the 
infinite dungeon where he mined for ore, only bothering to collect iron (for his bracers of regeneration) and 
eternium chunks. A little over half way through mining the level, he spotted some werewolves summoning more 
kindrid. He was very tired and really didnt feel like a big hack-fest, besides, he was running low on food. So, 
he left the dungeon and headed for Dwarftown. He needed that altar to be chaotic to identify his ingots, so he 
decided he would have to kill the priest, along with all of the inhabitants. So, he took advantage of the 
living resources, gathered all of his stored gold (over 500,000), and trained strength, willpower, dexterity 
and toughness for 100,000 each with Garth the trainer. Then, after selling all of his artifacts to 
Waldenbrooks for every gold piece he could (he would have them back soon, anyway), another 100,000 on strength, 
saving 100,000 to sacrifice later, before his final trip to the chaos gate (he had no more potions of greater 
healing). Then, the carnage began. He started with a pesky little child that had bothered him from the very 
first moment he laid foot into Dwarftown, then, the muscular dwarves that ensued, along with Waldenbrooks, who 
went down in two hits. The muscular dwarves engaged with the standard dwarven guards of the city, and its 
inhabitants. It seemed that the citizens of Dwarftown werent sure who to attack. The priest had not become 
hostile yet, and Thodrin went to and fro slaying all in his path, trying to get the townspeople upset. It 
wasnt until after he killed the ancient dwarf that they knew their target. Garth was the first to meet Thodrin 
at the corner, and fell swiftly, of course. Then, coming down the avenue, sleeves raised, was the priest. 
After dispatched, his ghost remained briefly to cry out a warning of revenge to the town, but all that was 
left was the demented ratling, who was giggling maniacly, dancing jigs and having a ball. Thodrin was saving 
HIM for the altar conversion...

Thodrin went to the shop and recollected all of the artifacts, and valuables. Then he stripped to his undies, 
as was customary when proceeding to convert an altar (or one's self, through an altar), and wearing nothing 
but his seven league boots, kicked the demented ratling in the keyster, who then immediatly inflicted a brutal 
attack that drained Thodrin's hp from over 1000 to 700, and gave pursuit to the cowardly fleeing all-mighty 
legendary dwarven fighter inspiring-to-be ultimate chaos god. Without those boots, he would have died before 
reaching the altar. During the pursuit, he imagined the gods mocking him. He found the situation quite amusing, 
although unfortunate (and dangerous). Almost fun, if he hadnt been fleeing for his life. Onto the the altar 
and the demented ratling consumed in flames, but it remained unchanged, and the neutral deity felt unconcerned. 
He was going to have to use a wand to create monster, now. He removed his seven league boots, and picked up 
the wand. A goblin appeared. Rather than sacrifice it to gain more favor with neutrality, he beat it with his 
bare hands. Next, a kobold shaman. He hit it, then it failed in its attempt to flee. Next, an eye of 
destruction. Clammdagin raged in disapproval of it's offering, and a conflict between chaos and neutrality 
ensued, leaving a black obsidian altar, to Thodrin's approval. Then, Thodrin remembered a suit of hulking 
armor left by a moloch in the big cave because he was too burdened to bring it with him. Now, much less 
burdened, he went to retrieve it. He encountered another moloch on the way back to Dwarftown. The armor was 
cursed, but with a scroll of identify he discovered it was slightly less encumbering [dex,speed -19] than the 
one left by the emperor moloch [dex,speed -20]. This led him to beleave that perhaps it was possible to aquire 
one that wasnt encumbering to his dexterity and speed at all. But their cons greatly outweighted the 
resistance they would provide, so he left them with a lamentable shrug and went on with his eternium plate 
mail at work at the forge..

He improved many of his armor, and used all of his accumulated scrolls of defence and protection to enhance 
the seven league boots that had lasted him since the dawning of his quest (and recently saved him from certain 
death by the hands of a particular artifact-glutonous berserker). Then, when all of his eternium ingots were 
used up, he went back to the infinite dungeon to mine or more. He had learned some necromancy from a potion 
of education, so he began to use it on the stone giant corpses, and any others that were unfortunate to meet 
him. He found the zombies (the best he could do, at the moment) to be loyal and strong companions, that 
adjusted to his power. Then, after he improved his remaining equipment, he went down to the mana temple. Only 
he forgot to bring a torch. So during the battle he used wands of light to make his way to Nuurag Varn. He 
was constantly confused by the chaos archmage, despite wearing a blessed ring of the clear mind. But he was 
also wearin a blessed ring of invisibility, which provided greater security. On two occassions, he found 
himself confused within the proximity of annihilators, but he luckily vaquished them with one hit while 
stumbling around in mayhem. When he finally reached him through the sea of chaos creatures, the chaos 
archmage proceeded to drain Thodrin's attributes repeatedly, while casting darkness and punching through his 
armor. Thodrin wore a blessed amulet of death-ray resistance, and when the chaos archmage felt he was losing, 
he resorted exclusively to firing death rays, but they only did about 100 or so hp damage each. Nevertheless, 
Thodrin ended the fight with about 550 hp (from over 1100), and some reduced attributes (perhaps there should 
be an amulet of draining resistance?). He then went to the elemental altars, and returned 3 out of the 5 orbs 
to their places (he kept the fire orb, his favorite, for last, and forgot about returning the mana orb), and 
he left the chaos trinity right next to the stairs. Then he made his last trip to Dwarftown, sacrificed the 
remainder of his fortune (approximately 200,000 gp), and gathered up his remaining equipment for the final 

He was nervious. Very nervious. He was proceeding to face the elder chaos god himself, the leader of them all. 
And he was going to challenge him. Utter fear began to grip a hold of him, but he struggled to shake it off, 
with ignorance. 

When he returned to the elemental altars, of the remaining orbs he returned the mana orb first, then he parted 
with his beloved orb of fire, and saw the exit upwards had had become an entrance downwards, so he grabbed the 
corruption radiating chaos trinity, and dove down, with a burst of bravery. He had past the point of no return. 
And it was frightening beyond description. The next level was icy cold, and he sneezed, despite the immunity 
to cold he was bestowed by his god (and servant-to-be). He used a blessed potion of uselessness to propel him 
across the slippery floor, down the cornucopian halls, and a great voice boomed out around him, congratulating 
him for finding a use for the useless item, and rewarding him with a dwarven pick axe. A fitting gift, both 
complimenting his descendance and it's aquirance (he considered it useless). He proceeded to further propel 
himself through the halls with his bow and arrows, then he descended the stairs, into the next, and what he 
sensed to be near the last of them all.. 

The level was very strange. The walls were hard to see, his vision began to blur, and he felt dizzy. After a 
brief moment of intense concentration to focus his thoughts and recupere his state of mind, he noticed a 
buzzing sound, which indicated there was a giant bee hive nearby. He left the chaos trinity next to the stairs 
and then explored the level, finding the bee hive. He hadnt discovered a way to proceed further westward so he 
used a wand of digging to open an entrance. He met many greater chaos servants and and mutants, and he 
utilized the giant bees to encounter them one by one, for the corridor was wide. Chaos mutants also emerged 
from two rooms on both sides of the corridor. When their numbers were diminished, he pressed onwards towards 
the west from which he felt an intense chaotic presence. He came to a large room full of writhing masses of 
primal chaos, a grim reminder of what he was to be should he surpass the mortal limits of corruption. Joining 
them was the occasional ghost lord. After dispersing the room, he realized from the ghost lords that he was 
clear to see, and he decided to exchange his ring of immunity with that of invisibility. Upon spanning the 
room, he came to an enormous chamber radiating in chaos. It was filled with an army of ghost lords for as far 
as his sight could reveal, until he panned around them, to find many chaos wizards accompanied by chaos 
warriors, and a surprising sight. A group of balors, the soldiers of hell, acompanied by a greater balor 
which led them. And they could all see him, in spite of his invisibility. They bellowed and proceeded to 
attak, and he used the ghost lords to shield and prevent the balors from surrounding him, then engaged them 
hartily one by one. They would occasionally punch through his armor, which remained in perfect condition, but 
they were hardly a challenge whatsoever. Thodrin's confidence grew as he saw the greater balor flee from his 
might, and then lured him back with arrows to die impalled upon the glorious red trident. After the entire 
room was dispenced, and he was alone, he identified his equipment and prepared himself to enter the gate. He 
was carefull to avoid the north and south hidden passages, for he felt the presence of more entities there, 
which he really had no desire to vanquish. He went back to the stairs to retrieve the trinity, and returned 
to the gate. He monitored his corruptions carefully. He proceeded to don the trinity, and noticed the amulet 
of chaos became cursed as he placed it on his neck. So, he read a scroll of uncursing so that he could remove 
it later without wasting time. He also equiped and lit a torch, so that he was to waste no time on the other 
side of the gate. Then, after much waiting and witnessing his body mutate from corruption, he felt extremely 
corrupted, and upon reading a scroll of dark predictions, he suddenly realized that 95% of his soul belonged 
to corruption. He knew the time had come. Taking a deep breath, making one last check to make sure everything 
was in order (and lighting a new torch, for the previous was nearing its end), he approached the gate. He 
easily resisted the confusing colors, and then, stepped forward...

He stumbled into the gate. Swirling chaos immediatly enveloped him. He felt at home... somewhat.. A huge mass 
of writhed tentacles approached him. In his mind boomed: "*PaSs, PuRe OnE!*". The writhing mass retreated into 
the swirling chaos. 

He floated onwards.
After a couple of eons, a huge chaos knight blocked his passage. He grunted: "I bOw BeFoRe ThEe, My LoRd!". 
The knight dissapeared in a flash of scintillating colors. 

He was now very deep in the realms of chaos. Suddenly, he was surrounded by multi-tentacled horrors of 
unspeakable might. Buzzing voices of pure terror collectively sounded in his brain: "*OnE oF uS, oNe Of Us!*" 
The denizens of terror and chaos allowed him to pass. 

Suddenly, a huge shadow loomed over him. He sensed an almost almighty presence of a very sinister and evil 
force. "Welcome, tiny mortal! Or rather... lest ye be confused... WeLcOmE tInY mOrTaL!"


"It is almost surprising that you got this far. So let me introduce myself. My name is Andor Drakon and i am 
the supreme god of chaos. Once i was like you, therefor(typo) i know ambition. It will be a pleasure to squash
you like a bug, if.." The huge form seemed to scan him in some indeterminable way.. "Yes, you seem to be 
wearing the insignia correctly. It WiLl Be A pLeAsUrE tO sHrEd YoU iN mElEe!" The environment changed to a 
huge landscape.

The elder chaos god was not visible at first, so the first thing he did was to remove some corruption by 
reading a scroll of corruption resistance. Then, without warning, he was hit from afar by several death rays. 
He looked at the figure, a beast that defied any attempts to describe it (a shame Thomas hasnt improved his 
description). He removed the trinity in exchange for the crown of leadership, an amulet of life saving, and 
the Trident of the Red Rooster. Then, as his attributes were being dimineshed by Andor Drakon, he drank his 4 
blessed potions of speed, in the hope to match or possibly surpass the chaos god's speed. He did, but briefly. 
He read a few more scrolls of chaos resistance (he had 10, initially), all the while having his equipment 
cursed and his attributes lowered dramatically by an elder chaos god that seemed to move faster than a 
quickling.  He went berserk and began firing blessed arrows of humanoid slaying at Andor. Those few that hit, 
only did minimal damage. It brought back memories of the emperor moloch. He abandoned the attempt, and went 
to charging him with the trident, which proved much more effective. He had Andor to moderately wounded when he
found himself paralized by his blow, and still so after being teleported away (corruption). Even though he had
a blessed amulet of life saving, Thodrin was helpless as he found himself teleporting to and fro like a 
blinking statue, and Andor Drakon hit him mercilessly with bolts upon bolts of magic until, abruptly, he 


                                        ##############          ###    ##
                                        # ##       # #         ##..  ##.
                                   ..#  . #      .     #        .#.  .. #
                                     ##  . #    . # ...     #.   .. #.# ###
                                      #.#  # .## #    #     #..# #.##@## #
                                     #  . #      # # #       #..##...# #
                                     #        # .###.         #...C@.#
                                      #.  . . # ##            ###.#CCC.C##
                                      . ## #.#.   # #           # .C.##C#.
  .                                    .#   #   . .#  .          .#C.#  ...
#..                                       .    . .#  ##         #C#.#.  ..
#..                                      #.       .             .#.#...  #
 ..                                              #..           #.#. ##.#
  .#                                              #             ### # .

Thodrin       St:14  Le:18  Wi:14  Dx: 1  To:17  Ch:26  Ap: 1  Ma:25  Pe:11 C-
DV/PV: 48/75   H: -107(750)   P: 0(216)      Exp: 50/88475389   ChAoS Sp: 95
Blessed Invisible Paralyzed Strained! Berserk

                            Background Information

Name: Thodrin             Race: male Dwarf          Class: Fighter
Eye color: brown          Hair color: black         Complexion: brown
Height: 3'11"             Weight: 171 pounds
Age: 62 (grown-up, 4 years of unnatural aging added in)
Star sign: Cup            Birthday: 18/Cup (day 258 of the year)

        Your parents are travelling adventurers. Both are competent,
 talented and doing very well.
        As a child you lived through happy days. Your parents tried to ease
 your life as much as possible and gave you a lot of comfort.
        In your youth you worked a lot to become rich and famous later.
 Consequently you rarely had enough time to play with other kids of your
        As a young adult you left your home because of trouble with your
 parents. They opposed your plans for the future without understanding your
 wishes. Thus you decided to live on your own. You wandered through the
 country for many years, growing older and wiser and learning many things.
        You decided to become a Fighter.

Total weight: 2318 stones                Carrying capacity: 1400 stones

He: cursed crown of leadership [+2, +7] {Ch+18}                       [65s]
Ne: -
Bo: blessed eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [+8, +18]                   [240s]
Gi: blessed eternium girdle [+7, +7]                                  [12s]
Cl: cursed cloak of defense [+6, +0]                                  [20s]
RH: blessed Trident of the Red Rooster (+36, 6d12+18) [+12, +12] {Ma+24}
LH: -
RR: cursed ring of invisibility                                        [1s]
LR: cursed ring of the clear mind                                      [1s]
Br: rustproof blessed bracers of regeneration [+6, +5]                [18s]
Ga: blessed thick gauntlets (-1, -2) [+0, +4]                         [15s]
Bo: blessed seven league boots [+7, +4]                               [30s]
> These are the sweet babies that lasted me from the start.

MW: uncursed short bow of accuracy (+9, +0)                           [20s]
Mi: -
Tl: cursed torch (991 turns of fuel remaining, lit)                   [10s]


Total weight: 1736 stones   Carrying capacity: 1400 stones

Helmets ('[')
   blessed eternium cap [+9, +8]                                      [28s]
Gauntlets ('[')
   blessed iron gauntlets "Ironfist" (-1, +0) [+1, +3] {St+7}         [10s]
Cloaks ('[')
   uncursed cloak of protection [+0, +3]                              [20s]
Necklaces (''')
   cursed sapphire amulet "Preserver" [+4, +4] {Wi+7}                  [3s]
   uncursed amulet of life saving                                      [3s]
   blessed amulet of death ray resistance                              [7s]
One-handed weapons ('(')
   cursed dwarven pick axe "Hammerhead" (+2, 2d10+4) [+2, +2] {To+3}  [90s]
Missile weapons ('}')
   heap of 2 uncursed short bows of accuracy (+6, +0)                 [40s]
Missiles ('/')
   bundle of 4 uncursed arrows of undead slaying (+3, 2d4+3)           [8s]
   bundle of 5 cursed arrows of dragon slaying (+5, 1d6+3)            [10s]
   bundle of 7 uncursed arrows of jelly slaying (+4, 2d4+3)           [14s]
   bundle of 7 cursed arrows of undead slaying (+3, 2d4+5)            [14s]
   uncursed arrow of demon slaying (+5, 1d6+5)                         [2s]
   bundle of 6 uncursed arrows of undead slaying (+3, 2d4+4)          [12s]
   bundle of 7 uncursed arrows of undead slaying (+6, 2d4+3)          [14s]
   cursed arrow of demon slaying (+3, 1d6+4)                           [2s]
   bundle of 67 uncursed arrows (+0, 1d6)                            [134s]
   bundle of 7 uncursed arrows of undead slaying (+5, 2d4+5)          [14s]
Tools (']')
   heap of 6 uncursed triangular keys                                  [6s]
   heap of 6 uncursed hexagonal keys                                   [6s]
   uncursed tinderbox (6)                                              [3s]
   uncursed tinderbox (30)                                             [3s]
   uncursed holy symbol                                                [5s]
   heap of 2 cursed square keys                                        [2s]
   heap of 4 uncursed torches                                         [40s]
   cursed torch (116 turns of fuel remaining)                         [10s]
   blessed waterproof blanket                                         [10s]
   cursed plain blanket                                               [10s]
   heap of 3 uncursed fireproof blankets                              [30s]
   uncursed climbing set                                             [180s]
   heap of 3 uncursed tiny keys                                        [3s]
   heap of 2 uncursed waterproof blankets                             [20s]
   heap of 3 uncursed round keys                                       [3s]
   uncursed box with flint and steel (25)                              [5s]
   heap of 2 uncursed small keys                                       [2s]
   cursed tinderbox (22)                                               [3s]
   blessed tinderbox (4)                                               [3s]
   blessed tiny key                                                    [1s]
   uncursed square key                                                 [1s]
Rings ('=')
   blessed ring of immunity                                            [1s]
Wands ('\')
   uncursed wand of monster creation (6 charges)                       [3s]
   cursed wand of door creation (7 charges)                            [3s]
   cursed wand of fireballs (0 charges)                                [3s]
   uncursed wand of stunning (2 charges)                               [3s]
   cursed wand of door creation (6 charges)                            [3s]
   cursed wand of monster creation (4 charges)                         [3s]
   blessed wand of door creation (5 charges)                           [3s]
   uncursed wand of door creation (0 charges)                          [3s]
   uncursed wand of acid (0 charges)                                   [4s]
   cursed wand of door creation (4 charges)                            [3s]
   cursed wand of monster creation (2 charges)                         [3s]
   cursed wand of door creation (2 charges)                            [3s]
   cursed wand of monster creation (2 charges)                         [3s]
   uncursed wand of light (8 charges)                                  [4s]
   uncursed wand of light (10 charges)                                 [4s]
   cursed wand of light (10 charges)                                   [4s]
   uncursed wand of wonder (2 charges)                                 [3s]
   uncursed wand of digging (1 charge)                                 [3s]
   uncursed wand of stunning (1 charge)                                [3s]
   uncursed wand of wonder (6 charges)                                 [3s]
   uncursed wand of fire (0 charges)                                   [4s]
   blessed wand of teleportation (6 charges)                           [4s]
   cursed wand of cold (0 charges)                                     [4s]
   uncursed wand of wonder (4 charges)                                 [3s]
   blessed wand of teleportation (3 charges)                           [4s]
   cursed wand of magic missiles (0 charges)                           [3s]
   cursed wand of webbing (3 charges)                                  [3s]
   cursed wand of cold (0 charges)                                     [4s]
   cursed wand of magic missiles (0 charges)                           [3s]
Potions ('!')
   heap of 2 cursed potions of carrot juice                            [8s]
   heap of 2 uncursed potions of uselessness                           [4s]
   heap of 2 uncursed berzio potions                                   [4s]
   heap of 3 cursed potions of healing                                [12s]
   heap of 38 potions of holy water                                  [152s]
   blessed potion of youth                                             [4s]
   blessed potion of ultra healing                                     [2s]
   cursed potion of booze                                              [4s]
   uncursed potion of water                                            [4s]
   uncursed potion of extra healing                                    [2s]
Scrolls ('?')
   heap of 11 uncursed scrolls of uncursing                           [22s]
   heap of 8 cursed scrolls of uncursing                              [16s]
   heap of 4 blessed scrolls of identify                               [8s]
   cursed scroll of teleportation                                      [2s]
   uncursed scroll of satiation                                        [2s]
   heap of 4 cursed scrolls of identify                                [8s]
   heap of 3 cursed scrolls of great identify                          [6s]
   cursed scroll of familiar summoning                                 [2s]
Food ('%')
   heap of 77 cursed cooked lizards                                  [231s]
Valuables ('$')
   37505 gold pieces                                                 [375s]

>Damn!!! That elder chaos god almost cursed everything Thodrin had! Too fast!

                                Weapon Skills

Melee weapon           Lvl   Hit   Dam   DV   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Unarmed fighting         1    +1    +0   +0   basic                20
Daggers & knives         2    +2    +0   +0   basic                22
Clubs & hammers          8    +6    +4   +2   excellent            324
> Had a mithril hammer until he completed the ancient dwarf's quests.

Maces & flails          12   +12    +8   +4   Mastery              4124
> Really sucks when Big Punch is the best you can do.. 

Swords                   1    +1    +0   +0   basic                25
Axes                     7    +5    +4   +1   skilled              310
Whips                    1    +1    +0   +1   basic                25
Pole arms               12   +14    +8  +16   Mastery              1703
> Until Thodrin finally got the rune-covered trident.

Twohanded weapons        1    +1    +1   +0   basic                25
Staves                   1    +1    +0   +1   basic                25

Missile weapon         Lvl   Hit   Dam   Ra   Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---   ---   --   -------------  --------------
Slings                   0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Bows                    11   +22   +16   +3   Mastery              1520
Crossbows                0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown axes & hammers    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown daggers           0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown rocks & clubs     0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Thrown spears            0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7
Boomerangs & scurgari    0    +0    +0   +0   unskilled            7

Shields                Lvl   DV               Level          Required marks
---------------------  ---   ---              -------------  --------------
Shields                 11   +22              Mastery              2170
> With Big Punch, had a nice tower crystal shield.

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +202 bonus to hit, 6d12+57 damage

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
No missile weapons available.


  Alchemy .................. 72    (great)        [+1d5]
  Archery ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Athletics ................100    (superb)       [+2d4]
  Backstabbing .............100    (superb)       [+3d5]
  Bridge building .......... 56    (good)         [+3d3] (mr)
  Climbing .................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Courage ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Detect traps .............100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Dodge ....................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Find weakness ............100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  First aid ................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Haggling ................. 72    (great)        [+2d4]
  Healing ..................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Law ......................100    (superb)       [+1]
  Listening ................100    (superb)       [+4d4]
  Literacy .................100    (superb)       [+1]
  Metallurgy ...............100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Mining ...................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Necromancy ............... 67    (good)         [+1]
  Pick pockets ............. 79    (great)        [+1]
  Smithing .................100    (superb)       [+1d5]
  Stealth ..................100    (superb)       [+1]
  Swimming ................. 58    (good)         [+1d5]
  Tactics ..................100    (superb)       [+1d3]
  Two weapon combat ........ 94    (superb)       [+2d4]


   Disarm Trap     :   194,  10pp     (Effectivity: +0)

   Frost Bolt      :   515,  12pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Greater Identify:    11, 189pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Ice Ball        :    43,  39pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Identify        :   186,  75pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Knock           :   280,  12pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Light           :   459,   3pp     (Effectivity: +4)
   Lightning Bolt  :   400,  12pp     (Effectivity: +3)
   Magic Map       :   181,  40pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Magic Missile   :   305,   8pp     (Effectivity: +2)
> This and lighting bolt was my only hope against the emperor moloch. He was even tougher than Andor Drakon,
except he didnt hit to paralize forever! Its strange because, supposedly the effectivity is supposed to 
increase times the number of times you cast the spell. According to +2, that signifies i only cast it 3 or so
times, but i actually cast it over 25-30 times! 

   Slow Monster    :    16,  12pp     (Effectivity: +0)
   Teleportation   :   114,  22pp     (Effectivity: +2)
   Web             :   192,  12pp     (Effectivity: +0)

                            Effects of Corruption

You rage (DV: -9, +6 melee damage)!
You have grown thorns (3d3 melee damage, Dx: -2, Ap: -3).
Your muscles have stiffened slowing you down (base action cost: 1500 energy
points; PV: +4, St: +2).
Your corrupted tissue seems to heal much faster.
You have grown a bulging cranium (Le: +6, Wi: +4, Ap: -6, PV: -4, To: -3).
Your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation.
Your skin is covered by tough scales (PV: +8, Dx: -6, Ap: -4).
You have grown horns (+3 melee damage, Ap: -4).
You have grown a total of 12 eyes (Ap: -6, Pe: +6).
Poison drips from your hands.
You exhale sulphur (Ch: -4).

              His achievements during his adventures:

Thodrin, the dwarven fighter, was blasted by Andor Drakon, the invisible
ElDeR cHaOs GoD.
> As helpless as a rock. 

He scored 7457150 points and advanced to level 50.
He survived for 0 years, 134 days, 20 hours, 8 minutes and 40 seconds
(165371 turns).
Thodrin visited 127 places.
His strength score was modified by -7 during his career.
His learning score was modified by -4 during his career.
His willpower score was modified by -1 during his career.
His dexterity score was modified by -9 during his career.
His toughness score was modified by -1 during his career.
His charisma score was modified by +4 during his career.
His appearance score was modified by -9 during his career.
His mana score was modified by -7 during his career.
His perception score was modified by -8 during his career.
> WOW!!! Andor Drakon sure did drain Thodrin!

He was unnaturally aged by 4 years.
He was the champion of the arena.
He was the head of the thieves guild.
He made a little water dragon very happy.
He defeated the arch enemy of a mighty karmic wyrm.
He saved Khelavaster from certain death.
He ended his adventuring life in the palace of Andor Drakon.
7692 monsters perished before him.
The following 33 artifacts were generated during his adventure:
  the si
  the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
  the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
  the lead-filled mace "Big Punch"
  the scorched spear
  the rune-covered trident
  the sword of Nonnak
  the elemental gauntlets
  the ring of the High Kings
  the phial of Caladriel
  the crown of science
  the ancient mummy wrapping
  the ankh
  the Crown of Chaos
  the Sceptre of Chaos
  the Medal of Chaos
  the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
  the black rune-covered dagger "Needle"
  the black rune-covered dagger "Sting"
  the rune-covered sling "Whirlwind"
  the staff of the archmagi
  the ring of immunity
  the medium obsidian shield "Protector"
  the sapphire amulet "Preserver"
  the crown of leadership
  the dwarven pick axe "Hammerhead"
  the iron gauntlets "Ironfist"
  the black tome of Alsophocus
  the Trident of the Red Rooster
He possessed the following intrinsics:
  He was fire resistant.
  He was poison resistant (enhanced through an item).
  He was acid resistant.
  He was lucky.
  Fate smiled upon him.
  He was cursed.
  He was able to control teleportation.
  He was invisible (gained through an item).
  He was resistant to death rays (gained through an item).
  He was shock resistant.
  He was able to see invisible things (gained through items).
  He was immune to shock attacks (gained through an item).
  He was immune to fire attacks (gained through an item).
  He was immune to acidic attacks (gained through an item).
  He was immune to ice attacks (enhanced through an item).
  He was able to breathe water (gained through an item).
  He was able to resist confusion attacks (gained through items).
He cheated Death once.
> I didnt even notice, i had pressed enter to skip the messages and get to my turn already...

He was a messiah of Abbad-Undar.
He asked for 4 divine interventions.
> At the begininning, i beleave. The others were never answered (not to my surprise).

He was a holy champion of Chaos.
He was severely tainted by Chaos.
> Even after reading all of those SoCR (away from Andor, surrouned by his minions, at one point)..

The following monsters were vanquished:
      5 acid vortices
     12 air demons
      5 air elementals
      2 air grues
      3 ancient black dragons
     24 ancient blue dragons
      1 ancient blue wyrm
      1 Ancient Chaos Wyrm
      1 ancient dwarf
      1 ancient karmic dragon
      1 ancient karmic wyrm
     10 ancient minotaurs
     28 ancient red dragons
      1 Ancient Stone Beast
      4 animated armors
     14 animated trees
      6 ankhegs
      7 annihilators
      7 annis hags
     68 assassins
      1 assassin prince
      7 balors
     32 bandits
      1 banshee
     64 barbarians
     21 barbarian leaders
      1 battle bunny
      6 beggars
     18 berserkers
      3 berserker emperors
      6 berserker kings
     26 berserker lords
     11 berserker princes
      8 big dogs
      4 black baby dragons
      4 black dragons
     32 black hurthlings
      6 black slayers
      1 black unicorn
      9 black wizards
     32 blink dogs
     11 blue baby dragons
     17 blue dragons
      1 bone golem
      2 brown bears
     35 brown worms
     32 bugbears
      3 bulettes
      1 bunny master
      8 carrion crawlers
      1 cat lord
      8 cave bears
     61 cave fishers
      9 cave lions
     24 cave lizards
      8 cave tigers
     12 cavemen
      1 Chaos Archmage
     12 chaos brothers
     11 chaos eyes
     11 chaos knights
      6 chaos lizards
     44 chaos mutants
     18 chaos plague bearers
     10 chaos rats
     81 chaos servants
      5 chaos sisters
      5 chaos spawns
      3 chaos spiders
      5 chaos vipers
     23 chaos warriors
     27 chaos wizards
     44 claw bugs
      7 clay golems
      1 cloaked ratling
      5 cobras
      5 cooshoos
     18 corpse fiends
      6 corruptors
      1 crime lord
      9 crystal statues
     27 cutpurses
      6 cyclops
     10 dark elven archers
      6 dark elven lords
      9 dark elven priestesses
      6 dark elven princesses
     11 dark elven warriors
      7 dark elven wizards
     12 dark orcs
     11 dark sages
      6 death oozes
      1 demented ratling
      4 diamond golems
    202 dire wolves
     16 displacer beasts
     29 dopplegangers
      2 doppleganger kings
      9 doppleganger lords
      4 Dorn Beasts
     12 dwarves
      1 dwarven artificer
     19 dwarven chaos knights
      3 dwarven children
      2 dwarven elite guardians
      5 dwarven guardians
      1 dwarven inn keeper
      1 dwarven weaponmaster
     21 earth elementals
      1 emperor moloch
> Incredibly enhanced from gamma 12. Practically invincible in melee, even with a demon slayer. 

      1 eternium golem
     65 ettins
     10 eyes of destruction
      2 fairy dragons
      2 farmers
      2 female dwarves
     63 fire beetles
     19 fire demons
     28 fire drakes
     27 fire elementals
> These were hitting Thodrin very, very hard - for about 75 hp per hit!

     60 fire giants
      8 fire giant kings
     10 fire grues
     30 fire lizards
      6 fire vortices
      8 flesh golems
     11 floating eyes
     38 fomorian giants
     19 frost giants
      5 frost giant berserkers
      1 frost giant jarl
     12 gargoyles
      9 gelatinous cubes
     92 ghosts
      9 ghost bats
      4 ghost kings
     68 ghost lords
    124 ghuls
      1 giant ant queen
     41 giant ant warriors
     14 giant ant workers
     49 giant bats
      4 giant bee queens
    162 giant bee warriors
     51 giant bee workers
      1 giant boar
     19 giant centipedes
     11 giant frogs
     31 giant lizards
      5 giant raccoons
    102 giant rats
      8 giant rust monsters
      7 giant slugs
     47 giant spiders
     13 gibbering mouthers
     27 gnolls
      5 gnoll chieftains
     96 goblins
      8 goblin berserkers
     17 goblin chieftains
     80 goblin rockthrowers
     44 goblin slavemasters
      4 gorgons
    178 gray oozes
      2 gray slayers
      1 great black wyrm
      2 great blue wyrms
      2 great red wyrms
      4 greater air elementals
      1 greater balor
      1 greater black unicorn
     47 greater chaos servants
      7 greater daemons
      2 greater fire elementals
     22 greater mimics
      2 greater molochs
     25 greater mummies
      1 greater titan
      8 greater water elementals
      7 green blobs
      9 green hags
     48 green slimes
     27 green worms
     26 gremlins
     13 griffons
      1 grizzled gladiator
     13 grizzly bears
      2 half-orc bouncers
     28 harpies
     18 hell hounds
    115 hill giants
      4 hill giant chieftains
     17 hill orcs
     11 hill orc sergeants
     19 hippogriffs
     51 hobgoblins
      5 hobgoblin chiefs
      8 hobgoblin leaders
      9 homunculi
     23 huge bats
      9 hydras
     35 hyenas
      7 ice vortices
      9 imps
      3 invisible stalkers
     19 iron golems
    268 jackals
      6 jackal demons
     14 jackalweres
      1 karmic baby dragon
      1 karmic dragon
     12 karmic lizards
      3 king cobras
     99 kobolds
     29 kobold chieftains
     20 kobold shamans
     93 large bats
      5 large dogs
     13 large gnolls
      9 large jackals
     41 large kobolds
     34 large orcs
     12 large rust monsters
     12 large snakes
    198 large spiders
     12 least daemons
      4 lesser daemons
     11 leucrottas
     13 lichs
     18 lightning lizards
      3 lightning vortices
      1 living wall
     39 lizard men
      1 mad doctor
      4 magebane eyes
      2 magedoom eyes
      4 margoyles
     44 master assassins
      4 master lichs
      5 master mimics
      1 master necromancer
      1 Master Summoner
     24 master swordsmen
      3 master thieves
      8 mimics
      1 mimic hivemind
     19 minotaurs
      2 minotaur lords
      1 minotaur mage
      1 minotaur mazelord
      9 molochs
      2 muggers
      1 multi-headed chaos dragon
     35 mummies
      1 mummy lord
     24 muscular dwarves
      9 necromancers
     35 ochre jellies
    135 ogres
      5 ogre emperors
      6 ogre kings
     69 ogre lords
     11 ogre magi
      1 old barbarian
    117 orcs
      2 orc butchers
     20 orc chieftains
     20 orc scorchers
     17 outlaws
      7 outlaw leaders
     13 owlbears
     64 pit vipers
      6 pixies
      5 pixie archers
      1 priest
      4 purple worms
      7 quasits
      2 quicklings
      1 quickling bard
      4 quickling kings
      2 quickling lords
      7 quickling queens
     11 rabid dogs
     29 raiders
      1 raider lord
    151 rats
     27 ratling archers
      7 ratling duelists
     12 ratling fencers
     14 ratling master thieves
     16 ratling thieves
      1 ratling trader
     11 ratling warlords
     20 ratling warriors
      6 rattlesnakes
     63 red baby dragons
     42 red dragons
     26 red worms
      2 revenants
     12 rust monsters
    178 shadows
     10 shadow centipedes
      7 shadow lords
     12 shadow trolls
      6 shadow wyrms
      4 shambling mounds
      1 shopkeeper
     58 silver wolves
      2 skeletal kings
     14 skeletal warriors
    187 skeletons
     13 slow shadows
      1 Snake from Beyond
     35 spectres
      4 staring eyes
     42 steel golems
      8 steel horrors
     13 steel zombies
    139 stone giants
      6 stone giant lords
     19 stone golems
     18 stone grues
      3 stone oozes
      8 stone snakes
      7 stone statues
      5 swamp hydras
     32 swordsmen
     37 tarantulas
     17 thugs
      6 titans
     19 trolls
     14 troll berserkers
      8 troll chiefs
      7 troll kings
      1 undead chaos dwarven berserker
     18 vampires
     33 vapor rats
      3 vipers
      8 water demons
      6 water elementals
     11 water grues
     18 water snakes
     22 wererats
     43 werewolves
      2 werewolf kings
     18 werewolf lords
      9 white baby dragons
      3 white dragons
     23 white worms
    101 wights
      3 wild cats
      5 will o'wisps
    200 wolves
     64 wraiths
     64 writhing masses of primal chaos
     14 yellow oozes
    189 zombies