Varous ADOM and Roguelike related links, sorted alphabeticaly (by title).
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ADOM club:
A yahoo club devoted to ADOM, a great place to discuss ADOM.
ADOM Guidebook
The most up to date and most comprehensive spoiler site for ADOM, and official host of the ADOM FAQ and ADOM newsgroup FAQ.
Drakalor Chain Board Of Trourism:
This is a great ADOM site, complete with downloads, maps, spoilers, hints, extras, FAQ's and more.
Green Eggs Report
A automaticaly generated list of URL's detected on the newsgroup. You can also browse links from a number of other newsgroups as well.
Linley's Dungeon Crawl club:
A yahoo club devoted to Crawl. This is a great place to learn more about Crawl, a roguelike game definitely worth trying if you like this type of games.
Official ADOM newsgroup:
This is the official ADOM forum, and to my knowledge the only forum you can 'bump into' Thomas Biskup. Newsgroups tend to have a slightly more formal etiquette than most web based forums, so you might want to read the Newsgroup FAQ (it's also posted regularly), if you are unfamiliar with newsgroups. Don't be afraid to use it though, it's a great place to discuss ADOM and get answers from experienced players (or maybe even Thomas Biskup himself).

If your browser is not set up with a usenet server, or your usenet server doesn't carry the ADOM newsgroup (, there are a number of web based services that allow you to search usenet articles as well as browsing and posting in spesific newsgroups, here is an example: at Google

If you have a browser or newsreader set up properly just use this:

Official ADOM site:
The official home page for ADOM, complete with plans for the future, known bug list, bug submission forms, fan art gallery, and naturally downloads.
Roguelike game description:
What is a roguelike game you say? Well here is a good description.
Roguelike Games club:
A yahoo club devoted to roguelike games in general discuss anything robuelike from A(DOM) to Z(angband), and more.
Russian ADOM site:
A good ADOM site (or so I have been told =D) for the russian speaking ADOM fans, with chat rooms forums links and more.
Russian Hall of Fame:
RHoF dedicated to russian (or whom speak russian, f.e. ukranian or belorussian...) players. You can see there russian chaosgods or simple rulers even in russian version, 'cos log-files and hi-score lines are from adom, english-language game. I plan to build english version in soon time.
Seeka's ADOM page:
Some ADOM links, and a collection of ADOM movies recorded with Demo Workshop (the "new" site seems to be down, click on the "old site" link to get to the demos).
The ADOM comic
A not quite daily comic strip with ADOM graphics. Quite halarious at times (go to the archive for more strips).
The ADOM Domain:
A site describing various "metalman" challanges. That is various challenges you can give yourself if you find the normal way of playing to easy or (perhaps more likely) tedious.