First of all, please note that I only want "genuine" characters. If your character has been resurrected from death by means of file copying, or have been save scummed (save & restore file until you got a desired effect from pool or other random event) or somehow altered with a save game editor, please don't submit it. All the mentioned "methods" are considered cheating, and while such tricks can be great for a newbie to prolong his/her characters life long enough to learn the basics, such characters have no place in the Hall Of Fame.
Thank your for respecting this.

To submit a character to the Hall of Fame, simply fill out the form below and follow the instructions. If you are unsure of what to put in the various fields click on the help link associated with the field in question.

The first time you submit a character you'll need to register your name in the player database first, using the player submission form. Once you are registered you can ignore the player submission form altogether and just select your name from the drop-down list in the character submission form. Note that players without any submitted characters are periodically deleted, so don't register your name until you have a character to submit.

Once you have submitted a character it will first have to be inspected and approved before it will become visible in the Hall Of Fame. So allow for up to a couple of weeks (hopefully we will be much faster most of the time) between you submit a character and it appear in the Hall Of Fame.

Player submission form (only use if you don't already have any characters in the HoF)
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Character submission form
Character name:
Level, race/class, gender, exp and turns: help
Date of death/win/ascendancy: help
Place and mode of death/win message: help
ADOM version:
Character type:
FLG type: help
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