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The forum for discussing everything between heaven and earth.
664 5/26/2020 03:58 (GMT -5)
By zoey
This is the forum for discussing ADOM.
1819 10/17/2019 18:12 (GMT -5)
By Jan Erik
Start or take part in "interactive" role-play stories or post your own "stand alone" fantasy story. Relation to ADOM is not required (no idle chatter though).
63 2/25/2019 20:28 (GMT -5)
By Naiyor
This is the forum for discussing spoily subjects, do not enter unless you want to be spoiled.
2120 4/30/2017 06:07 (GMT -5)
By geko
This is the forum for discussing other roguelike games, everything from ADOM to ZAngband (comparing games and such).
121 6/2/2016 22:24 (GMT -5)
By Anonymous Coward
This is where news and announcements will be posted.
39 7/2/2012 08:04 (GMT -5)
By Jan Erik

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