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Jan Erik

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145 days, 11 hours, 47 minutes and 47 seconds ago.
Posted on Sunday, March 07, 2004 at 10:06 (GMT -5)

Hi, guys. I like to run a "informal" forum, but after reading though the TOS for my ISP again (yeah I actualy read it this time :P) I've descided I better put up a few rules. Better safe than sorry.

Seems if any 3. party (that's you guys) post any inapropriate material (acording to theyr definition) I am the one wich will be held responsible, meaning a worst case cenario is that my acount gets terminated, my files deleted and they charge me a $50 "administrative fee" for theyr trouble...

It's not like they will be watching our ever move, but if they do happen to check and find ayting that violates theyr TOS I might be in trouble, So, just for the record:
  • Do not post, link or otherwise publish any nudity, "adult" or pornographic material
  • Do not link or otherwise direct people to any sites offering illegal downloads of copyrighted material (mp3's, movies, games or programs or any other "warez" stuff) (meaning anyting that lets you download sometiong for free that you are supposed to pay for, local legal definitinons are irrelevant).
  • Do not offer instructions or link to sites that give instructions on how to crack or hack into other sites or break any kind of software protection (passwords, registration keys etc).
  • Do not post or link to any kind of hate propaganda.
  • Do not post anyting that's racist, lewd or offensive.
The TOS goes on for some length, making sure there are no loopholes in the definitions, but I think that was the essence of it. Anyting matching the abowe list or anyting else clearly illegal will be deleted on sight. Repeat offenders may also be banned on my discression.

Spam will also be deleted, and mods are generaly encouraged to use theyr own discression to maintain "law and order" beyond what is stated here.

Jan Erik Mydland
HoF admin

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