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Ancient Domains Of Mystery, forum overview / Spoilers / Scummy trap creation

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Posted on Monday, July 05, 2010 at 14:18 (GMT -5)

Pits are really just pit traps that have been triggered. It is possible to turn them back into untriggered traps by covering them with a blanket. (I only just found this out.)

A randomly generated pit trap will always be in certain locations (the trap type is fixed according to position). However, you can also dig pits with a pickaxe or a wand of digging - and you can do that [i]anywhere[/i].

So what happens if you try to cover a pit that is in a spot where a teleportation trap would normally be generated?

... the pit becomes a teleportation trap. This is awesome but also kind of exploitish. :P
Move the cursor to the desired position and press [SPACE] when done.
Impossible. Suddenly you stand elsewhere.
You see an ancient altar of black obsidian.
The goblin rockthrower suddenly shouts a prayer to his gods! You are consumed by a roaring column of flame!
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The Knight of the Black Rose

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Posted on Wednesday, July 07, 2010 at 05:31 (GMT -5)

Not really "exploitish". How many blankets do you usually find during a playthrough? 5? 10?

A pessimist sees a dark tunnel.
An optimist sees a light at the end of that tunnel.
A realist sees a train.
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