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Ancient Domains Of Mystery, forum overview / Spoilers / Precrowning and ultra endings

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Unregistered user
Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 17:31 (GMT -5)

So I'm going for an ultra ending with a high elven paladin, haven't decided on my final alignment yet though. Anyway, I've been training my character in the infinite dungeon for a while and now have the option to get precrowned.

My question is; does getting precrowned "seal" a relationship with the god that grants me the artifact gift? Or am I free to be crowned later by a god of another alignment?

Simply; If I were to be precrowned as L, is my only option to be crowned as L+ aftewards?
Darren Grey
Registered user

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Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 17:40 (GMT -5)

Nope, there's no such seal. Be caeful of neutral precrownings though, as it's easy to mess it up and get crowned instead.
Waldenbrook, the dwarven shopkeeper, mumbles: "I'd offer 9 gold pieces for yer dwarven child corpse."
Unregistered user
Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 18:14 (GMT -5)

Wow, that was fast.

Thanks for clearing that up Darren, this saves me a lot of trouble.

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