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Spartan Spartacus
Unregistered user
Posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2013 at 07:47 (GMT -5)

Pre-crownings with live-sacks is quite easy for the first pre,after that it gets tricky.The real broblem is the monster generation rate and i have found that to have even a remote chance of getting pres' you need a lawful or chaotic deity.
With neutral,you just have too many monsters generated that gant be sacked and the piety level drops too much before the next sack.

Messengers do not always show up right after lv-up you may have to keep on playing normally for some time.

Great treasures stones may have an artifact inside, they also may contain the toughest fight.

An Archmage needs no wish engine,exept to be an archmage.

Is your equipment curced? All you need is a closed door.

Curced potions are one of the most powerfull weapons in TOEF.

Si can fill your pockets.

To be a champion too early can hinder you.

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