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Spartan Spartacus
Unregistered user
Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2013 at 09:37 (GMT -5)

One of the reasons for getting book casting talents is the fact that you can summon killable monsters at will. There are some reasons to do this for examble needing high end stuff or experience. One of the favorate plases to do this is in the dwarven graveyard catacombs. One should be aware however that the higher the danger level the higher the chance to kill your game. The non corrupting high end loot-expo is dw2 as mentioned there you can get eternium stuff dragon mails rods
rings of ice artifacts etc. The monster list
includes for-examble goblins,kobolds,lightning
lizards,acid vortises,dobble-ganger kings,molochs
and dragons. Two things worth mentioning is the lightning lizards and giant slugs for eventual 100
% immunities. This is also not pure druggery as
other scumming methods as some of the fights are
intresting to say the least.

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